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Problem solving tricks-Right hand rules (Magnetic fields due to currents)

Right hand rule for cross product:-
Consider that c is the cross product of two vectors a and b i.e.,
c=a x b
If direction of vector a is along the x axis and that of b along z axis then direction of vector c could be find using right hand rule for cross products.

Best Electricity and Magnetism books for B.Sc.

Today in this post I’ll be writing about the electricity and magnetism books that I feel might be good considering whiling studying this subject for your undergraduate exams and also for when you appear for entrance exams like JAM for getting admission in masters in physics from good university or institute

ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM by A Mahajan, A Rangwala :- This is the first book in my list and I really like this book as it is extensive in its content and things are explained pretty clearly. You can consider this book for its comprehensiveness. You can take a look at the preview of this book here

Nuclear Fission Basics

Nuclear fission is said to have occurred when nucleus of an atom splits into several small fragments. In nuclear physics nuclear fission either occurs as a nuclear reaction or as a radioactive decay process in which nucleus of an atom splits into smaller and lighter nuclei. The fission process often produces free neutrons and photons (in the form of gamma rays), and releases a very large amount of energy even by the energetic standards of radioactive decay.

Maxwell’s Equations – Differential form of Faraday’s law (Part 6)

From the left side of the equation is nothing but the curl of the electric field and it tells about the tendency of field lines to circulate around a point . Curl of a vector means how much the vector curls around the point in question. The right side represents the rate of change of magnetic field with time. So from this it could be stated that

What does work means in physics

Work has different meaning in physics then it has in our everyday life and usage. This article is all about work and what we mean , when use term ‘work’ while studying physics. When we talk about our day to day life a person working on desktop typing is doing very less work in comparison to a person lifting and carrying heavy goods.

Maxwell’s Equations – Integral form of Faraday’s law (Part 5)

So, if flux through any surface changes, an electric field is produced along the boundary of that surface. Again if there is a conducting material present along that boundary then induced field provides an emf that produces a current through that conducting material. Moving a bar magnet through a loop of wire produces electric current in the wire but if you hold magnet stationary with respect of the loop there would be no induced current.
The negative sign in Faraday’s law tell you that the induced emf opposes the change in flux – that is, it tends to maintain the existing flux. This is called Lenz’s law.

Recommended books for B.Sc physics Part-1

I have written several article where I have written about recommended books for various exams. This is one more article about books that a student can use for B.Sc. exams. Course structure of various indian universities vary but you can have books according to your needs and if you are planning to have a career in physics then you can consider buying books that you might benefit you when you go for your masters degree in physics. You can always hunt down your college library for these books.