KVPY Tips and Trick 2016

1)The “Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana” (KVPY) is a program started in 1999 by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India to encourage students who are studying Basic Sciences to take up research career in Science. The aim of the program is to identify and encourage talented and motivated students to pursue career in research.

2) This program aims to assist the students to realize their potential and to ensure that the best scientific talent is groomed for research and development in the country. Generous fellowship and contingency grant are provided to the selected KVPY Fellows up to the pre Ph.D. level or 5 years whichever is earlier

There is no prescribed syllabus for the KVPY written exam and the emphasis is on evaluating the candidates on their conceptual understanding and analytical ability rather than their factual knowledge. Ideally, your study should consist of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics syllabus that you have studied till Class X for SA exam, till Class XII for SX exam and till 1st year of your B.Sc., B.S., B.stat., B.Math., Integrated M.Sc. or Integrated M.S. programmes as applicable.

Successful Habits/Tips for clearing KVPY

1)Single Minded Focus
You need to have single minded focus to clear the examination. All the time in your preparation ,you should stay focus on the goal and works on it to achieve success.  This is same as Arjuna focus in Mahabharata.Arjuna was able to strike at the right place as he focus on it.

2) Analytical Approach  and focus on Basic Fundamentals

KVPY examination are different from Board examination. They concentrate more on analytical thinking and fundamentals.So Our Basics concept should be very clear and we should follow analytical approach in all the subjects.

3) Spend more time on the subjects you are not very good at but at the same time strengthen your strong subject also

The examination tests  the skills in Maths,Physics and Chemistry.  It is very much possible to be weak in one subject.So study hard for the subject and devote more time to it as all the subjects need to scored well to get the good ranks in the examination.By studying hard, you should be able overcome your weakness and get your coveted goal.

4) Taking the Mock Test Series for KVYP

The examination atmosphere is very different from Home.So many students feel nervous when taking the examination. All  the successful candidate believe Test series is a must as it make you used to the examination feeling and you will more confident. Apart from that it will expose your weak areas and then you can focus on improving that.

5) Taking proper Guidance either through regular coaching/Online course/Correspondence course

KVPY  is the prestigious  examination and we will  need some guidance to clear it.  Expert Guidance provide us good steps in our approach and They also help us in formulating the strategy for the examination. It also help is clearing our doubts in a timely manner and correcting our mistakes.

6) Hard work and sincere efforts  to preparation

Hardwork is the keep to the success to the most coveted examination in this country. We have to study long hours to clear the doubt,learn the basics and work on the subject where we are bad. They all believe Intelligence is not the substitute of Hard work.In these times you have to take the board examination also and then the IIT examination,So many times you may feel exhausted and Frustrated but we have to remember that hard work is only key and we have sincere efforts for the preparation. Half Hearted preparation will not work.

7) Practice Previous year questions

Previous year  questions paper gives an overview of the examination and help us understand how things are asked . Aspirants need to go through all these paper along with regular practice

8) Long term planning
All the successful candidate are of the view that preparation forKVPY should start from 9th and we should have a long term planning for it and we should stick with it.

9) Subject Wise Analysis
PHYSICS : .The question will be based more on fundamentals not subjective ability. So all the basics must be clear. Make sure that you are thorough with the class XI syllabus.1The most important topics are Mechanics, Ray Optics, Electromagnetism. You should know the class XI level Mechanics properly

MATHEMATICS : Mathematical question are logical and lengthy .You will need to know almost all topics from class XI. Class X level knowledge of Geometry is required. Mental ability based questions which involve Algebra, Geometry are important.

Chemistry:  NCERT books of 11th standard is most important for this. Both  Organic chemistry and  Inorganic chemistry will be helpful. Basics  from class X should also be very clear

9) Time management

The examination paper need to completed in 3 hours of time interval so time is big thing here. we should give proper emphasis to the time management. We should be able to quickly solve the problem so as to attempt as many questions in the examination. Also we should not wasting time on the questions in the examination which we feel is tough and take long time. Attempt all the easy questions first. Devote equal time to the subjects in the paper as all are important. If you get stuck with any point while answering a particular question, move on to the next and leave space to answer it later.Do not panic if you forget an answer/point. It is obvious for all students and you can easily recall it later while revising your paper

10) Do exercise,Takes break and Take some relax to release the tension and Motivation  from the parents

Last tips from all the candidate is to stay healthy . Do some exercise and play some sports as it help in relaxing the mind. Do take some breaks to relax your body.
Motivation from parents and siblings is very important. It gives us immense support and motivate to excel in th examination.Give yourself rewards if you clear any thing tough as it motivate you to crack more tougher question and things.

Tips before the D -Day
2.Eat Healthy and sleep well
3.Revise all the study material
4.Be confident that you will crack the examination
5.Revise all the formule thoroughly
6.Dont catch Up New topics in the last days of the your preparation
7. Take the mock test so that you are ready
8. Keep you admit card ready

KVPY Tips for the D- Day

1) Read each question carefully and give it your best try.If you get it, it’s great. If not, move on to the next. Do not stick to it just because it is from your strong topic.

2) Keep simultaneously marking the answers in the answer sheet so as to aviod any mistake at the end

3)Negative marking will be there in the question paper for wrong answers and multiple choice questions to tick the correct answer. You must be well prepared for the exam rather than just relying on your luck, as the format may appear new to you.

4)Each question should be attempted with a fresh mind-set. You should not lose out a question just because the earlier question was not solved.

5) Do not just leave a question just because it is from one of your weak topics. It may be an easy one.The higher marks carrying questions are definitely important so need to be attempted seriously, but it does not mean that the smaller marks carrying questions be neglected. The idea is to attempt whatever one knows.

5) Do not look around to check what others are doing. You will be wasting your precious time doing that.Just concentrate on your own paper

6) Always remember that this is not the end of it. You just need to give it your best. If you get it, it’s good otherwise there is another place for you. Be happy that you tried.

7) Concentrate on one question at a time.

8) Use a diagram or value of constants given in the paper in solving a numerical. If the value is not mentioned, use the one you remember.

9) Attempting to solve all questions in haste increases the chances of error. It is better to solve slightly fewer questions faultlessly.

10) Refrain from blind flukes. Follow the rule-out strategy.

11) Manage your time such that you are able to attempt the complete question paper at least once

12) Keep the examination center 30 min before and relax

Format of the examination
KVPY SA exam will have single paper with objective-type multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Duration of the paper is 3 hours.

For SA examination
1) The question paper consists of two parts (both contain only multiple choice questions) for 100 marks. There will be four sections in Part I (each containing 15 questions) and four sections in Part II (each containing 10 questions).
2) Student has to attend 60 questions of 1 marks with 15 questions each in maths,biology,physics ,chemistry and 20 questions of 2 marks with 5 questions in maths,biology,physics ,chemistry

1. The question paper consists of two parts (both contain only multiple choice questions) for 100 marks. There will be four sections in Part I (each containing 20 questions) and four sections in Part II (each containing 10 questions).
2. Answer any THREE of the four sections in Part I, and any TWO of the four sections in Part II. In Part I each correct answer gets 1 mark and for each incorrect answer 0.25 mark will be deducted. In Part II each correct answer gets 2 marks and for each incorrect answer 0.5 mark will be deducted.

Books for KVPY

Physics NCERT Books

HC Verma Vol1 and Vol2


Mathematics NCERT Books

RS Agarwal

SL Looney

Chemistry NCERT Books


RC Mukherjee

You can buys these books from the below link

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