Important questions for comparing quantities Class 8 maths CBSE Part 1

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Question 1

If a % is the discount on the marked price y, the discount is

a) (y/a) ×100

b) (a/y) ×100

a) (y/100) ×a

a) (100/year)


Question 2

X Bought a X box at Rs 35000 and sold it to Y.  Y in turns sold it to Z. Both X and Y made 20% profit. Which one of the following is true?

a) X and Y earn the same profit

b) X earned more profit Y

c) X earned less profit then Y

d) Cannot be determined



Question 3

 Find the following:

(I) 50 % of 140   

(ii) 30 % of $ 750               

(iii) 16.5 % of 4000 kg

(iv) 21/2 % of 80 l

(v) 0.8 % of 8 km              

(vi) 150 % of 1000

(vii) 12 % of 360 m       

(viii) 22/7 % of 7 l

(ix) 0.8 % of 250 g

(x) 3/4 % of $ 780


Question 4

True and False statement

a) C.P = M.P – Discount

b) Discount is the reduction given on Marked price of the article

c) If a discount x is available on the marked price y of the article, then discount % is (x/y) ×100

d)  Simple interest is always less than compound interest for the same principle, same interest rate and same time period (>1)

e) Sales tax is computed over the Selling price of the article and added to the bill of the customer



Question 5

The list price of an article is 100Rs.If you get a price discount of 15% and pay 5% for tax, what is the actual cost of your article?

Question 6

 In a Movie complex 75 % of seats were filled.  If there were 600 seats in the hall, how many seats were vacant?

Question 7

A real estate agent earns Rs 50000 as commission on the sale of the property. If the commission is 4% of the selling price. What is the selling price of the?

Question 8

 A Woman earns Rs 100000 per month and spends 65 % of it. How much money does she save every month?


Question 9

To clear his stock a Lifestyle offers a discount of 50 %. Find the discount on goods worth Rs1500?


Question 10

The population of a city increased from 60000 to 62500. What is the increase percent?


Question 11

An alloy of iron and zinc contains 40 % of iron and the rest is zinc. Find the weight of the zinc in 3 kg of the alloy?

Question 12. In an exam, 85 % of the children pass. Find the number of children who passed, if there were 1700 children.


Question 13

Jatin got 10% increase in his salary. If his new salary is 55000, find his previous salary.


Question 14

The enrollment in a Government school increased by 15 % from the year 2014 to 2015. If 1500 enrolled in 2014, how many enrolled in 2015.

Question 15

 For an amount x, explain why 20% increase followed by the 20% decrease is less than original amount x

Question 16

By what number must the given number be multiplied to increase the number by 10%?

Question 17

 The price of oil rises from Rs120 per litre to Rs 150 per litre. Find the percentage rise in the price of oil?

Question 18

 The population of a small locality in Gurgaon was 1000 in 2014 and became 1500 in 2015. By what percent did the population increases?


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