5 Tips to crack IITJEE Examination

5 Tips to crack Examination

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TIP1: Mastering the basics and Developing Problem Solving skills

papers generally test the basic concept of the subject.So basic concept should be very clear. Concentrate on the basic concepts.Strengthen your fundamentals.Master the basic of each chapter. Do many times so that you know the concept by heart.NCERT books are good for the concept.So first should be to study the NCERT books and familarize all the concepts.HC verma is also good for concept

Once you are through with the concepts,you need to develop problem solving skills.Pick one good physics and start solving the questions. Initially problems of low level should be tried and only when you have mastered them,you should go on to solving intricate JEE type problems. ALways give full attempt the question before seeing the solutions.Try to recall all the formula,concepts and try the solve the problems. Dont take too many Physics books .One or two should be sufficent.

Try to visualize the problem by drawing the diagram.Free body diagram helps in solving mechanics problem

TIP2:Order of the Units

paper consists of questions from various units.Some units are easiar to solve while some are tough to attempt.So Students should try the following order for mastering the units

Thermodynamics It is quite simple to master this topics.JEE paper always have few question from it.So easy to score those.
Hydrostatics and Bernoulli’s Principle This is also simple.
Waves in Elastic Media This too is simple to master.JEE always have one or two question from it
Interference Beats and Doppler’s Effect Similarly for this.
Electrostatics Coulombs law,Potential,electric question are simple to attempt.
Lorentz’ Forces Simple question from it.
Circuits with Capacitors Easier to attempt with some practice and method to solve the circuits
Modern Physics (full) Always have some question from it.Easiar to master
Collisions JEE paper have difficult question from this but easiar then below topics.It should attempted in the last
Rotational Motion bit tough.It should attempted in the last
Gravitation, Elasticity, S.H.M.  bit tough.It should attempted in the last

TIP3:Mocks test and Time Management
Once you are through with the course.You should start taking Mock test.This will give you the feel of the examination. Try to give as many as possible.Judge your speed and accuracy.You wont feel tensed and stressed on the examination day this way.
Develop an habbit of judgeing the question .You should be able to judge the question whether you should go for it or not. This is very important thing.There will always few question in JEE paper which will be very tough.If you put your head in those question,you will waste your time and you will not any thing.SO it is important to judge the question.You should never attempt any question which you dont know head and tail of it.
Be sure your units are correct.It will many times prevent making mistakes.
Whenever you get any numerical answer,Judge the answer.Does the number look practical
Try to Break the problems into manageable pieces
Master Time Management Skills
Once the result have been evaluated,check the answer sheet for the mistakes

TIP4:Short Notes and Revision
Make shorts notes for last revision before examination.Those should contains all the important formule which will help you in solving the problems fast.
Plan your schedule for your revision and exercise.
Start concentration on the topics that you have covered rather wasting time on new topics particularly when exam is just few days ahead.

TIP5:Examination Preperation
Enter the examination in a positive mood to crack the test.
Prepare all the stationeries before hand.
Stay relax. A calm mind works better
Be very careful while reading the instructions,you might know the answer,but you fill it incorrectly so you will lose even what you know.
It is not important to attempt many question.You aim should be do the question correct.This way you will avoid negative marks.
You should reach the test centre at least half an hour before the exam.So that you can relax.
Before starting doing the paper
Step 1: Take a quick glance of the paper so that you are aware what all type of question and what all topics are given.It should be done in first three minutes
Step 2:Search for questions of topics which is strong to you.Read the questions of the topics and if you have done similar type of question and you are confident about it.Attempt that question.Do this for all the topics u are strong in
You will always find few questions in this catogory
Step 3:Now try to find the questions in your strong topics which looks easy and solvable to you.

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