5 ways to turbocharge your preparation for JEE

IITJEE is most prestigious examination in the India.So we need to do lot of extra things for it preparation. We have very limited seat and students are more,So competition is becoming harder and harder year by year. We also need to get good rank in order to get the Top IIT and top branches.

I am here giving you 5 ways to turbocharge your preparation for IITJEE

1) You must know by this time what are your weak chapter and what are your strong chapter. Start giving more time to chapter which you feel less confident.
Prepare a schedule where you give some more time to tough chapter. But at the same time don’t just forget the chapter which you are strong.You should keep practicing it

2) IITJEE examination checks the fundamentals of the student plus many times a single problem touches lot of fundamentals. So My advise would be given to good attention to multi fundamental questions. Like Magnetic field with mechanics fundamental etc. You can find these problems in HC verma,Irodov. Do practice them . Also if possible try to connectt various chapter together and see if you can make sense of the things

3) many time in Link comprehension questions, The first question is pretty straight forward and other question may require more calculation and effort.If the time is less, we should at least try to attempt the first easy question to score well in examination

4) It is no brainer that we should be giving equal time to physics, chemistry and maths.Now each of these subjects require a different type of study. Physics and maths are more analytical and calculation intensive work while chemistry is more straight forward.I would suggest to keep a good study note-book for chemistry and write each chapter in it in crisp form as you move forward with each chapter. Since this is the subjects which need more remembering in mind,It will be a good effort to prepare a very good revision material for yourself

5) Increase your speed in solving the numerical in all the subjects. You can do this in various ways
a) Do lots of numerical daily.Set some limit and stick to it. Your speed will increase automatically
b) Take test paper and solve it in prescribed time limits
c) If your fundamentals are strong, you can quickly understand the flow of the problem and solve it,So try to make your fundamentals strong
d) Do learn short cut methods as that will help
e) Many times Multiple choice question can be solved from options only. learn that also

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In a nutshell

5 ways to turbocharge your preparation for IITJEE

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