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Electrostatics class 12 board questions (Electric charge and field)

This page contains electrostatics class 12 board questions. These questions are related to class 12 physics chapter 1 : Electric charge and fields. This is kind of simulated board exam paper only for chapter 1. You need to finish this paper in 3 hours. Take this test after you are confident in first chapter of class 12 physics. General Instructions: Time allowed : 3 hours                           Maximum … Continue reading Electrostatics class 12 board questions (Electric charge and field) »

How to solve resistor in series problems

Here in this article we will go through a easy problem showing the basics how to solve the problems where resistors are connected in series and you have to find the equivalent resistance of the circuit. we will do this through an example . For this consider studying the question given below and how I solve this question following several steps. Here our goal will be to analyze few resistors connected in series combination. Further If you want to read the notes related to this topic please follow this link