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Tips and tricks are important for getting good score, passing competitive examination. It helps us cut time in solving the problem.  This category list various tips and tricks on maths and physics which will be very helpful to student.

Tips and tricks articles can be used from class 9 to competitive examination

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Motion and Rest: Definition ,Concept, How are they relative

An object is said to be in state of motion if its position changes with the passage of time. If the position of the object does not change with the passage of time then the object is said to be at rest. We have now define what is motion and to describe it we consider simplest form of motion that is motion of any object in one dimension for example car moving on the road. To determine the position of car at different times , we could measure its distance from starting point and record all these observations. These observations can be recorded in form of a table or we can draw a distance versus time graph for the motion of the car and see how it is moving.

How to use Gauss’s Law to find electric field

We all know that Gauss’s law is basically the relation between the charge distribution producing the electrostatic field to the behaviour of electrostatic field in space. Also Gauss’s law is based on the fact that flux through any closed surface is a measure of total amount of charge inside that surface and any charge outside that surface would not contribute anything to the total flux.

Tips for CBSE Exams

Examination time is the time when you are busy most of your time doing nothing but studying hard round the clock even in night so that you can score good marks in your exams and get promoted to new class. Although it is important to study hard during your exams but you should not let exam pressure take over you and you should not feel stressed during your exam days. Do not feel anxius and remember that at the end of the day, it is after all just an exam!