Class 9 biology questions

This page contains class 9 biology questions. We will be arranging this page in two parts. The first part is for term 1 and the second part is for term 2. Visit this page class 9 biology for more notes and study material.

Class 10 biology questions for term 1

Question 1. Compare the vacuoles present in plants and animal cells. What is the role of vacuole
in a cell? (3)
Question 2. Describe the phenomenon of membrane biogenesis and plasmolysis? What are the
advantages of plasmolysis in fungi and bacteria? (4)
Question 3. Differentiate between nucleus of prokaryotic cells and nucleus of eukaryotic cells? (2)
Question 4. The skin of your finger shrinks when you wash clothes for a long time. Why? (2)
Question 5. Identify a cell organelle which is present both in prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cells?
Write its shape and function? (2)
Question 6. Differentiate between: (8)
a) Bone and cartilage
b) Blood and lymph
c) Tendons and ligaments
d) Plant tissue and animal tissue
Question 7. Write the functions of the following: (6)
a) Aerolar tissue
b) Complex permanent tissues
c) Protective tissues in plants
d) Epithelial tissue
Question 8. How is cork formed? (3)
Question 9. What are stomata? Write its function? (3)
Question 10. Give reasons: (4)
Question 11. Epidermis in desert plant is thicker though it is single layered.
Question 12. Presence of suberin in cork cell.
Question 13. What is composite fish culture? Writes its advantages? (3)
Question 14. Differentiate between (4)
a) Manure and fertilizer
b) Broiler and layers
Question 15. What is crop rotation? What are the criteria to choose the crops for crop rotation? (3)
Question 16. What are weed? How they can be controlled? (3)
Question 17. How the variety of cattle can be improved? Name anyone cross breed? (3)
Question 18. What are the factors which affect the storage of grain? How can be stored grains in
proper way? (3)
Question 19. What is pasturage? Name the bee which is used for commercial honey production?(3)
Question 20. What is the green revolution? (1)

Class 10 biology questions for term 1

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