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Custom Essay Writing Service: Free vs. Paid

Essay writing services are becoming increasingly popular and there are different providers ready to snare
the unsuspecting student. Some companies even provide free papers to attract new customers, but as with
everything else which seems too good to be true, it probably is!
What’s wrong with a free paper?
Some essay writing services claim to provide free papers. The only advice here …. avoid free writing
services at all costs! Buying an essay from a professional writer is an investment in your future and no
professional writer would volunteer to write any assignment for free. You would end up with a paper which
is almost certainly plagiarized, sold to many multiples of people and which is likely to be so very badly
written that it is impossible to understand it.
What are the benefits of paying for a paper?
Reputable agencies, such as the one-to-one custom essay writing service – ThePensters.com, provide paid
for papers use the services of professional writers and editors. As a result, you can be sure that the work
you are getting will make sense, that it will be structured correctly, that it will have a proper argument and
that the arguments will be properly backed up with the right evidence from other sources, such as
textbooks and journals. If you want to get the best grades possible for your paper then paying for a custom
essay, such as those provided by a brand new kind of a custom essay writing service – ThePensters.com,
is the best thing to do.
There are other benefits included in using paid for essays, such as:

  •  Work which is written by either a native speaker or an almost-fluent ESL speaker. If you are a native
    speaker of the language in which you have to submit your essay then you want it to be written by a
    native English speaker. Similarly, if you are an ESL speaker then you’ll want your essay written by
    someone with a similar level of written English as you have;
  •  The work is 100% original and unique. This is really important – there shouldn’t be any chance that
    two students should be able to submit the same essay on the same course.
  • The work will be correctly referenced and in accordance with the style demanded by individual
    schools and universities. Again, this is really important as submitted assignments which are
    incorrectly referenced can be thrown out.
  • It is likely that you will be able to contact the writer directly, making it easier to have some control over the essay, assignment or dissertation that is being written.

In a nutshell, do not be tempted by the offer of a free essay or other free written assignment! Although it
might seem like a great idea when there is no money to be had, it is a really, really bad idea and it has the
potential to cost you a place on your course. When you buy an essay from a custom paper writing service
such as ThePensters.com, it is an investment in your future and is worth every penny.

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