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Help Your Child in Understanding Complex Concepts

Most of us are well aware of the fact that it is much difficult to convince your children to learn

Complex stuff all because of the topic being deemed shallow or plain boring. Children nowadays are distracted with all kinds of stuffs like movies, games and so on. Hence new tactics and methods should be employed unlike the conventional ways like reading NCERT Books to make them learn new things that challenge their thought process. Below are some tips which could be applied to make learning sound more interesting to the students. 

Know whether the children wish to learn

This would have made you wonder as to why we are making such a dumb statement but yes it is true and very much relevant. As simple as it sounds, it is necessary to check whether the children are curious to learn the topic. The tutor could then resort to either of these two courses of action. If children are interested, the tutor could figure out ways to impart lessons to them in a simplified manner to make them understand the same. If children are barely interested, you should try to trigger their interest in the subject and then move onto making them understand the same.

Figure out ways to make learning enjoyable

It rarely surprises us when we see somebody is excelling on something if they are excited in learning new stuffs. Topics we could relate easily to what we already know always engage our curiosity as we could recall them at will anytime. When we are trying to teach a new concept to children, it would be best if we could portray what we have in store for them. While teaching about technology, children could be taught about its simplicity, exciting features and so on. Find what excites them and begin right from there and look for opportunities where students pitch in with their ideas so that the lecture would go on smoothly.

 Discuss the concepts with the ones children already know

This teaching technique has been tried and tested right from the time of great thinkers like Socrates. The reason behind this is the fact that it is one of the best ways to communicate ideas. This method has been approved by large organizations and even NCERT as one could find the relevant topic and later expand on the same with the concepts you wish to discuss.

Filter the trivial details

This is one of the pitfalls to be avoided as for an advanced learner or a tutor, every aspect about the topic might be relevant for you. However, as far as delivering classes to children on complex topics, not every aspect connected with the subject is relevant. Hence you have to filter them while teaching concepts to them. Certain topics are not important the way they seem and you can visit them during the lecture anytime.

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