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JEE Main 2018: 10 Tips from Super-30 Genius Anand Kumar

JEE 2018 is one of the toughest entrance examinations of India. Candidates study for strenuous hours in order to get admission in one of the top engineering colleges of the country. Lakhs of students appear for the exam however only a few are able to crack the exam and bag themselves a seat in their desired institute.

In order to ace the exam, students must realized that studying syllabus for JEE Main 2018 and mugging up formulas and concepts is not enough, one needs to formulate a strategy and follow it religiously. Other than that know tips and tricks to qualify the examination can be an added advantage for the students.

Below are a few expert tips from the mastermind behind the famous Super 30- Anand Kumar. His program has facilitated education for many IIT-JEE aspirants coming from economically backward sections of society. According to stats, 396 out of 450 of his students have made it to the IITs. Follow these tips to qualify the exam without difficulty.


Lack of revision can make you forget topics which you were once completely sure of. A revision has great significance. Students must go through the complete syllabus of JEE Main at least once and then keep revisiting formulae and concepts. Another option is to solve the problems of different kinds so that one gets to use new concepts and formulae.


Patience is a must for success. Sometimes we often fail despite making a real effort. One should not feel heartbroken by the failure; rather see it as a stepping stone taking you closer to success.

Staying Positive:

A positive outlook is important for success. Negativity is known to have shattered more dreams than trying has ever done. Believe in yourself and work hard with a plan. Success will soon be yours.

Learn from Mistakes:

Life’s success or failure doesn’t determine by an exam. Failures are often considered to be a crucial part of life. One should make an endeavor to learn from mistakes so that corrective measures can be taken on time.


Whatever is the field either for engineering or medical or any field, perseverance is important towards an attentive goal. The focus should be unwavering with a burning desire to achieve it and no room for distraction.

Hard work:

Hard work has no replacement. Anand says that hard work is also the reason behind Super-30’s success. Students who never give up and strive day and night for success are the ones to achieve it. He says that students should put in efforts in building a strong foundation for their concepts. The idea should be to master the subjects and topics they are good at, instead of picking up new subjects. Otherwise, students might end up forgetting their strong areas and where they have command.

Understand, don’t mug up:

Don’t mug up the entire things, understanding the concept is the important. Grasping theorems and formulae is important for problem-solving. Students know the formula for the area of a triangle – half into base into height. But why it is so? Once students understand it, the interest in the subject will grow and they will be prepared for any kind of question in the examination.

Practice through mock tests:

For any exam, studying the problems asked in previous years & solving those questions can prove to be quite helpful. This gives the students a feel for the pattern and requirements. They also get familiar with their own preparation level.

Every topic is important:

In an exam, you never know which topic will come for a higher number of questions. So, do not ignore any topic; each and every topic is equally important for JEE Mains. If you feel that you are good on some topics then finish them well, these topics will help you score well. But, the focus should be on the entire syllabus.

Time management:

Time management and regularity are two very important things for any examination. Not a single day should pass without practice. Manage your day by making a time table and planning your study routine in advance.

Studying for any exam can be a daunting task let alone JEE. Students need to understand the importance of hard work and smart work in order to clear the exam. Though generic, following these tricks will prove to be helpful and scoring for the candidates during the examination. All the best to all candidates.

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