Know How to do well in physics Board exams

physics Board exams

Know how to do well in your physics Board exams

So when there are few days left for your board exams , you might be thinking how to do well in physics Board exams or how do you memorise your physics formulas so that you can write  all the answers that are asked in your exams easily. It is important to memorise physics formulas for exams because memorising them will increase your speed and by the end of the time you will be able to complete all your questions and still have time to revise and check for the mistakes in all of your paper.
This will also add to your confidence in your exam. So here are some simple and effective tips for you , so that you can do better in your exams. Please keep in mind that understanding the meaning of equations and their appropriate use will always be more important than memorization.

So for your ease I have put down all the points in the following image for you to gasp them at a glance. Try to remember these points.
physics Board exams

In the above figure I have covered most of the points for doing well in your exams. You also can consider reading these articles for further information

Tips and strategies for CBSE Board

CBSE Exam Date Sheet 2018 | 10th and 12th Time Table

Collection of CBSE books in electronic format

how to study physics problems

Effectively Memorize Physics Formula

Frequently used basic physics equations

This file on electrostatics contains summary of electrostatics. A must have for your revision as it contains all of electrostatics and lots of concept maps for your easy revision.

Electrostatics class 12 and iitjee summary (pdf download)

The following pdf contains all the physics formulas for class 11 , class 12 and can also be used as revision sheet for your exams although it is advisable that you make your own.

Download Physics formulas and concepts pdf

Apart from these articles we also have full length notes for CBSE class 12 notes and you can find them at the link given below

[standout-css3-button href=””]CLASS 12 physics notes[/standout-css3-button]

Last but not the least I am giving you a download link here from where you can download class 12 physics sample papers
[standout-css3-button href=””]Download sample papers[/standout-css3-button]

Buy class 12 physics sample papers from

  1. CBSE 15 Sample Question Paper: Physics for Class 12th
  2. 24 CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  3. What, Why, Where, When & How of Physics CBSE Board Class 12 (2008 – 15 Solved Papers + Sample Papers) 2nd Edition
  4. Nine Plus One Sample Papers Ead Physics Class 12 Cbse

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