Quantum Mechanics Theory and Applications by Ajoy Ghatak and S. Lokanathan

You people might know about the book Quantum Mechanics Theory and Applications (by Ajoy Ghatak and S.  Lokanathan)

Now this is the book referred in most of the Indian Universities as Under Graduate [B.Sc. /B.sc (hons)] and graduate level text. It is indeed a very good book when it comes to learn the concepts of quantum mechanics. Quantum Mechanics is an interesting subject to learn especially when you are curious about how things behaves at microscopic or nanoscopic scales where the action is on the order of the Planck constant. It departs from classical mechanics primarily at the quantum realm of atomic and subatomic length scales. Quantum mechanics provides a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter. So this might be the book for you. This book starts with a brief Chronological Development of Quantum Mechanics that is how the subject evolved in its early days. Personally I like this section I used to find it kind of motivating as it talks about the development of Quantum mechanics and the scientists who contributed towards the development of the subject. I even like the Prologue.
Now we all know mathematics is the language of physics and quantum mechanics depends heavily on mathematics so before studying the text. I have read many reference texts or text books which does not provide mathematics preliminaries but this book provide one. I also feel this as important because it gives you an idea of how mathematical language is used in a particular book as you yourself might have looked at different texts and each text has a slightly different approach when it comes to mathematics although concept is always the same.
So Part 1 of this book is about Mathematical Preliminaries which contains two chapters namely
1: The Dirac Delta Function
2: Fourier Transforms
Now Second Part of the book is about Basic Quantum Mechanics which covers the rest of the book
3: Particles and Waves and the Uncertainty Principle
4: Time Dependent Schrbdinger Equation
5: Propagation of Wave Packets and Concept of Group Velocity
6: Bound State Solutions of the SchrOdinger Equation lIS
7: Linear Harmonic Oscillator: I Solution of the Schrbdinger Equation and Relationship with the Classical Oscillator
8: One-Dimensional Barrier Transmission Problems
9: Angular Momentum I-The Spherical Harmonics
10: Spherically Symmetric Potentials Hydrogen Atom Problem, Rotation Vibration Spectra, Three-Dimensional Oscillator
11: Dirac’s Bra and Ket Algebra
12: Linear Harmonic Oscillator II Solutions Using Bra and Ket Algebra
13: Angular Momentum II Using Bra and Ket Algebra
14: Experiments with Spin Half Particles The Stern-Gerlach Experiment, Larmor Precession and Magnetic Resonance
15: Angular momentum III Eigenfunctions Using Operator Algebra
16: The Double Well Potential and the Krbnig-Penney Model
17: The JWKB Approximation
18: Addition of Angular Momenta: The Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients
19: Time Independent Perturbation Theory
20: Effects of Magnetic Field
21: The Variational Method
22: The Helium Atom and the Exclusion Principle
23: Some Select Topics
24: Elementary Theory of Scattering
25: Time Dependent Perturbation Theory
26: The Semi-Classical Theory of Radiation and the Einstein Coefficients
27: The Quantum Theory of Radiation and Its Interaction with Matter
28: Relativistic Theory
So this is the list of chapters that are covered in the book(Quantum Mechanics Theory and Applications). If you are a B.Sc. student then this book could be a reference book for you but I would not recommend this as your basic text book which you absolutely must have as it might be way too much for your level and you might not need most of the topics covered in the book or you can say nearly 40% of the text in this book is useful for you. If you are enrolled in a physics major course or you are in M.Sc. or preparing for competitive exams then surely you could consider buying this book as a text as well as a reference. In my opinion it is a good book to have well written by the professors. It even has lots of problems and examples you can practice for your exams. This is a costly kind of book and I think you can find it in your library. So go ahead have it issued and use it.

Note:- Do not confuse the book Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Applications with Basic Quantum Mechanics Ghatak which is a well written undergraduate level text you can buy this from this link

I have lots of other books in quantum mechanics and have read them. I will write about those books later on.

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