Quick Summary of General Mechanics Definition,Formula,Units and Dimensions

Here is the Quick Summary of General Mechanics  Definition,,.Very handy and helpful summary for students




Length or Distance fundamental d m (meter) L (Length)
Time fundamental t s (second) T (Time)
Mass fundamental m kg (kilogram) M (Mass)
Area distance2 A = d2 m2 L2
Volume distance3 V = d3 m3 L3
Density mass / volume d = m/V kg/m3 M/L3
Velocity distance / time v = d/t m/s L/T
Acceleration velocity / time a = v/t m/s2 L/T2
Momentum mass × velocity p = m·v kg·m/s ML/T
Force ( Weight) mass × acceleration mass × acceleration of gravity F = m·a W = m·g N (newton) = kg·m/s2 ML/T2
Pressure(Stress) force / area p = F/A Pa (pascal) = N/m2 = kg/(m·s2) M/LT2
Energy or Work(Kinetic Energy /Potential Energy) force × distance

mass × velocity2 / 2

mass × acceleration of gravity × height

E = F·d

KE = m·v2/2 PE = m·g·h

J (joule) = N·m = kg·m2/s2 ML2/T2
Power energy / time P = E/t W (watt) = J/s = kg·m2/s3 ML2/T3
Impulse force × time I = F·t N·s = kg·m/s ML/T

The above covers all the chapter in General Mechanics  Definition,,

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