Strategy for JEE Main and Advanced

Strategy for JEE Main  and Advanced

JEE main and advanced both require thorough preparation. Here are the some strategy for Jee main and advanced

1) Board Examination  plays a good role in both IIT Main and IIT Advanced. Board Examination are comparatively lighter and easier.We should aim to score good in these examination first.This allows them to continue to aim to meet all the requirements of joining an IIT while keeping the option open to join an NIT should they not get an adequate rank at the JEE Advanced. Ideally IIT preparation should be done by Jan and You should be focusing on Board from then onwards. When the Board examination are over,You can again start preparing for IIT’s

2) Solve the last 10 years questions .It will help us provide the nature of the paper and we will have less surprises

3) Both IIT Main and IIT Advanced are highly analytical in nature ,So practice as many questions are possible .Take simulation tests ,they are always very useful

4) Devise shortcut as it will improve the speed in the examination and you will be able to completed the question paper

5)Focus on the weak areas and try to improve on that. Take help of the Teacher to get the method ,solution and ways to solve to improve

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