Supernumerary Seats for Female Candidates for JEE Advanced 2018

IIT Council has decided to improve the gender balance in the undergraduate programs at the IITs from the current (approximately) 8% to 14% in 2018-19 by creating supernumerary seats specifically for female candidates

This is without any reduction in the number of seats that was made available to non-female candidates in the previous academic year (i.e. academic year 2017-2018). Accordingly, to achieve this objective,in accordance with the directions of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, supernumerary seats will thus be created and offered to female candidates for improving the gender balance in the undergraduate programs in IITs.

These supernumerary seats will be offered
(a) to only those female candidates who are declared qualified in JEE (Advanced) – 2018
(b) strictly based on the performance in JEE (Advanced) – 2018.

It is important to understand the move would in no way affect the admissions of students or change the number of seats. The suggestion is to ensure a 14 percent quota by strictly filling supernumerary seats. Supernumerary means over and above

IITs are required to ensure that there are at least 14 percent girls in the hired batch. This includes the provision of creating a supernumerary seat for girls. For example, suppose an IIT has a total of 500 seats to offer. As per the JEE Advanced 2018 results, say 30 girls and 470 boys are invited for admissions. Now as per the provision, IIT is required to have 14 percent, female students. To fill the gap, IIT would then invite girl candidates from a separate girl only merit list to fill 40 seats. The number of boys, however, would remain constant and additional provision of 40 seats – over and above the 500 total, would be made

The reservation policy as per Government of India norms as existing at present will be applicable to these supernumerary seats as well.

The detailed procedure for implementation of the above shall be set out in the Business Rules of the
Joint Seat Allocation Authority, 2018. So be calm  and patient and concentrate on the studies

Reference : Jee Advanced Article

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