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True or False questions for Class 9 Ist term Maths

1) If the each side of the triangle is doubled ,then its perimeter will become doubled 2) Heron belogs to Rome 3) Point ( 1,-1) lies in first quadrant 4) Point (0,2) lies on x axis 5) Equation of y axis is x=0 6) Degree of remainder is always less then degree of the divisor 7) Degree of the zero polynomail is not defined 8)  … Continue reading True or False questions for Class 9 Ist term Maths »

How to solve Motion Problems of 9th Class

The Motion problem in Class 9 are limited to Straight line motion with either no acceleration or constant acceleration.

This article is given to give the feel of the whole chapters plus the type of questions and ways to tackle them.

This is quite beneficial for anybody studying Motion for class 9.

Complete Study material has been provided at the below link Study Material

First we need to remember these important terms

NCERT book Solutions class-9 Gravitation (In Text Questions)

These are NCERT solutions for class-9 chapter named Gravitation. Questions in this page are those questions that occur in between the texts at the end of each concept.and I have given the page number so you can find them easily in your book.
Page 134
Question 1
State the Universal law gravitation?
According to Universal Law of Gravitation every object in universe attracts every other object with a force known as Gravitational force.
It states that