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Fictitous Force and Free falling Elevator

A non inertial Frame of Refrence is the frame of refrence which is having acceleration a. Example Free Falling elevator
Newtons law are valid in inertial frame of refrence only. We cannot apply them as it is in non inertial frame of refrence as it left out the acceleration of the object because of the frame of refrence.
Let me provide simple example to illustrate this.

How to Solve Newton’s Second Law Problems

Scope of the Problem:
Generally the problem asks about forces or accelerations

How to attack at the Problem
1) Draw one free body diagram for each object in problem

Read the following two post to get the feel about free body diagram

Different Type of Force and There Origin
How To draw Free Body diagram

Read the below Video for Free body diagram also

How to find workdone by several forces acting on a object

This can be done in these simple steps

1) First draw a free body diagram of the body showing all the forces on it.

2) Carefully choose a X-Y coordinate system so that direction of the motion or direction of force lies in X or Y direction. This will simplfy the Problem

3) Applying Newton’s law find out any unknown forces