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Problem solving tricks-Right hand rules (Magnetic fields due to currents)

Right hand rule for cross product:-
Consider that c is the cross product of two vectors a and b i.e.,
c=a x b
If direction of vector a is along the x axis and that of b along z axis then direction of vector c could be find using right hand rule for cross products.

Best Electricity and Magnetism books for B.Sc.

Today in this post I’ll be writing about the electricity and magnetism books that I feel might be good considering whiling studying this subject for your undergraduate exams and also for when you appear for entrance exams like JAM for getting admission in masters in physics from good university or institute

ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM by A Mahajan, A Rangwala :- This is the first book in my list and I really like this book as it is extensive in its content and things are explained pretty clearly. You can consider this book for its comprehensiveness. You can take a look at the preview of this book here

Maxwell’s Equations: Differential form of Gauss’s Law for Magnetic Field

Gauss’s Law in differential form states that

The divergence of magnetic field at any point is zero

Now in case of differential form of Gauss’s law for electric fields divergence of electric field is proportional to electric charge density but here in case of magnetic fields divergence of field at any point is zero because here it is not possible to have isolated magnetic poles as magnetic poles always appear in pair of north and south poles. So there is no such thing as magnetic charge density and this means that divergence of magnetic field is zero.

Maxwell’s Equations – Integral form of Gauss’s Law for magnetic fields (part 3)

I discussed about both integral and differential form of Gauss’s Law for electric fields. In this article I’m going to discuss about second Maxwell’s equation which is about magnetic fields. So this article would be about Integral form of Gauss’s Law for magnetic fields.

Integral form of Gauss’s Law for magnetic field is written as

Paramagnetic Substances

Paramagnetic substances are those materials which when placed in magnetic field becomes weakly magnetized in the direction of the external field. Some examples of paramagnetic substances are platinum, aluminium, chromium, manganese, copper sulphate, liquid oxygen etc. When a paramagnetic bar is placed in the magnetic field , the magnetic flux density in it is greater than the magnetic flux density B0 in the vacuum.