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Circular Motion Physics : Detailed explanation

Circular motion is a very important concept in physics. Here in this page I would like to go through the concept of circular motion. You encounter circular motion in your day to day life. Many rides in amusement parks undergoes circular motion. Curves on highway are part of a circle and cars making a tun undergoes circular motion. Merry-go-Rounds in playgrounds offer further examples of uniform circular motion. Now let us learn more about circular motion.

How to solve Kinematics problems

Motion in a Two dimensional Plane

Select a coordinate system and resolve the initial velocity vector into x and y
Find out acceleration in each direction and solve in each direction according to one rectilinear motion equation.
if the acceleration is in vertical direction only.Follow the techniques for solving constant-velocity problems to analyze the horizontal motion. Follow the techniques for solving constant-acceleration problems to analyze the vertical motion. The x and y motions share the same time of flight t.