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What Are Free Body Diagrams

In this article I would discuss what are free body diagrams and how to make one. Free body digrams are of immense importance when one want to study physics. You will find great deal of their usage while studying mechanics and tou can hey have equal inportance when it comes to other branches of physics. However i will discuss their usage and construction in context to mechanics.

Fictitous Force and Free falling Elevator

A non inertial Frame of Refrence is the frame of refrence which is having acceleration a. Example Free Falling elevator
Newtons law are valid in inertial frame of refrence only. We cannot apply them as it is in non inertial frame of refrence as it left out the acceleration of the object because of the frame of refrence.
Let me provide simple example to illustrate this.

Center of mass and torque test for class 11

This article is about Center of mass and torque test for class 11 physics. These are very short answer type and derivation type questions for your exams. Practice them for good marks in your exams. For notes on these topics please click the links given below Center of mass Torque and rotational mechanics Center of mass and torque test Question 1 Write the expression for the … Continue reading Center of mass and torque test for class 11 »

System of particles practice problems with solutions for class 11

This article contains System of particles practice problems with solutions for class 11. In this article I have given numerical problems to solve. You can print this article and practice these problems. You read notes on this chapter before practicing these questions. For them please visit this link Center of mass : System of particles and Collision Other assignments(Included with Linear momentum) for this chapter … Continue reading System of particles practice problems with solutions for class 11 »

Newton’s Third Law of motion (action-reaction and examples)

This article is about in-depth explanation of newton’s third law of motion. Here in this article I presume that you have a introduction of Newtons first law of motion and Newton’s second law of motion. Now Newtons first law and second law of motion deals with the effect of forces when they acts on a body. First law is about the change in the velocity of the body on the application of unbalanced forces and second law is gives the exact amount of the force needed to produce a given acceleration.

Circular Motion Physics : Detailed explanation

Circular motion is a very important concept in physics. Here in this page I would like to go through the concept of circular motion. You encounter circular motion in your day to day life. Many rides in amusement parks undergoes circular motion. Curves on highway are part of a circle and cars making a tun undergoes circular motion. Merry-go-Rounds in playgrounds offer further examples of uniform circular motion. Now let us learn more about circular motion.