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9 Amazing Reasons to Attend Techniche’15

Techniche is the annual techno management festival organized by the student community of IIT Guwahati. The seventeenth edition of Techniche is all set for a grand start on 3 rd of September. Techniche encompasses events ranging from various facets like technology, management and fun. Lecture Series: The Lecture Series, serves as a platform to inspire and motivate thousands of young minds across the world by connecting them with the … Continue reading 9 Amazing Reasons to Attend Techniche’15 »

Predefined Module by Techniche’15

As the countdown begins, an endless stream of activity ripples the face of Techniche’15. This year Techniche gives you a wonderful time converting your boring subjects into something awesome. The Predefined module manifests itself with a quintessential platform for young innovators and learners. This module consists of events where your pre-preparations majorly decide the outcome. With the problem statements given way in advance, it provides the participants with … Continue reading Predefined Module by Techniche’15 »

Industrial Conclave, Techniche’15

To surge ahead in this world of cut throat competition, one needs to have a proper blend of technical skills and managerial skills. To achieve this, Techniche organizes Industrial Conclave. Techniche invites several renowned industrialists who are the big shots in their respective fields to bridge down the gap that lies between an aspiring entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur or industrialist in the near future. Industrial Conclave is organized … Continue reading Industrial Conclave, Techniche’15 »

Robotics Module, TECHNICHE

Robotics has always been a fascinating field in the vast ocean of science and technology. In this modern age of science and technology we can see robots being employed in major working areas of humans and thereby simplifying the monotonous assembly line work for the humans. With the advent of robotics, there is a lot of high end research being carried out in this field and it’s … Continue reading Robotics Module, TECHNICHE »