Nutrition in animals Long Answer Questions


1. What are villi? What is their location and function?
2. Why do we get instant energy from glucose?
3. Can we survive only on raw, leafy vegetables/grass? Discuss.
4. Where are the salivary glands located and what is their functions ? 5. Explain the term Assimilation, Pseudopodia?
6. What do you understand by rumen and rumination?   7. Write the functions of the tongue. 8. What is the difference between milk teeth and permanent teeth?


1. Draw and label Digestive system, of ruminant?
2. Draw and label Human Digestive system?
3. Explains with diagram Feeding System in Amoeba?
4. Explains the Effect of Saliva on starch?
5. Write the process absorption food in the small intestine?
6. Draw labelled diagrams of –
                (a) Regions of the tongue for different tastes
                (b)Amoeba 7. Write short notes on:  (a) The stomach (b) The liver 8.  Write a short note on structure and feeding in amoeba. 9. What do you understand by alimentary canal or digestive tract?  Marks (5)

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Reference Books for class 7 Science

Given below are the links of some of the reference books for class 7 math.

  1. Science for Class 7 by Lakhmir Singh
  2. Science Foundation Course For JEE/NEET/NSO/Olympiad - Class 7
  3. CBSE All In One Science Class 7 by Arihant Experts (Author)
  4. IIT Foundation Physics, Chemistry & Maths for Class 7

You can use above books for extra knowledge and practicing different questions.

Class 7 Maths Class 7 Science

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