Cell structure and functions Class 8 CBSE Assignment

In this page we have Cell structure and functions Class 8 CBSE Assignment (Short- Answer Questions) . Hope you like them and do not forget to like , social share and comment at the end of the page.

Short Answer Questions on cell structure and function for class 8

Question 1.
What is a tissue?

Question 2.
What are genes? Write their function?

Question 3.
Why is the cell wall present in plant cells and not in animal cells?

Question 4.
Write the function of vacuole in animal cells?

Question 5.
Write the difference between cytoplasm and nucleoplasm?

Question 6.
Why is a cell membrane important to a cell?

Question 7.
What is cell division and why it is necessary?

Question 8.
What are dictyosomes?

Question 9.
What is microscope?

Question 10.
Write the function of nucleolus?

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