Practice questions for Algebraic Expressions and Identities Class 8 Maths Chapter 9

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Question 1
 Identify the terms, their coefficients for each of the following expressions.
(i) xyz2 + 3xy
 (ii) 1 - x -2 x2
(iii) 4p2q2 – 4p2q2r2 + r2
 (iv) 4 – xy + yz – xz
 (v) (x/4) –(y/5) -y
 (vi) 1.3a – 2.6ab + 1.5b
Question 2
 Classify the following polynomials as monomials, binomials, trinomials. Which polynomials do not fit in any of these three categories?
x2 + y2
x + x2 + x3 + x4 + x5
8 - y +-5x
2y – 3y2
2y – 3y + 4y3
5x – 8y + 3xy
4 – 15z2
ab + bc + cd + da+ 2ab
p2q + pq2
2p + 2q+1
Question 3
 Add the following.
(i) ab – bc+ ac, bc – ca+ ab, ca – ab-2bc
 (ii) p – q + pq, q – r + qr, r – p + pr , p+q+r
 (iii) 2p2q2 – 3pq + 4, 5 + 7pq – 3p2q2 ,4p2q2 + 10pq
 (iv) a2 + b2, b2 + c2, c2 + a2, 2ab + 2bc + 2ac
Question 4.
(a) Subtract 8a – 7ab + 3b - 20 from 20a – 9ab + 5b – 20
 (b) Subtract 3pq + 5qr – 7pr+1 from -4pq +2qr – 2pr + 5pqr+1
 (c) Subtract 4p2q – 4pq - 5pq2 – 8p + 7q – 18
from 18 – 3p – 11q + 5pq – 2pq2 + 5p2q

Question 5
What are the coefficient of each term in the below expression?
4p2q2 + 4p2q2r2 - r2 +5
a)  4,4,-1,5
b)  4,4,1,5
c) 4,4r2 ,-r2, 5
d) None of these
Question 6
The product of a monomial and trinomial will be a
a)  monomial
b)  trinomial
c) binomial
d) None of these
Question 7
The exponents of a variable term in the polynomial is a
a) integers
b)  negative integers
c) positive integers
d) non -negative integers

Question 8
The expression pqr +rqp+qpr is a
a) Monomial
b)  trinomial
c) binomial
d) none of these

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Reference Books for class 8 Math

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  1. Mathematics Foundation Course for JEE/Olympiad : Class 8 This book can take students maths skills further. Only buy if child is interested in Olympiad/JEE foundation courses.
  2. Mathematics for Class 8 by R S Aggarwal Detailed Mathematics book to clear basics and concepts. I would say it is a must have book for class 8 student.
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  4. Reasoning Olympiad Workbook - Class 8 :- Reasoning helps sharpen the mind of child. I would recommend students practicing reasoning even though they are not appearing for Olympiad.

You can use above books for extra knowledge and practicing different questions.

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