Synthetic Fibers and Plastics



 Plastics: -

A material is said to be ‘plastics’ if it can be molded or formed into different shapes.

Classification: -

Plastics can be broadly classified as thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics based on how they react to heat.

Properties & Uses of plastics: -

  1. Plastic are poor conductors of heat and electricity. So they are used to make covering of electric wires and handles of tools.

  2. Plastics are highly resistant to chemicals and water.

  3. Plastics are lightweight, strong and durable and are therefore used to make parts for aircrafts, cars etc.

Problems with excessive use of plastics: -

Plastics are non- biodegradable and do not decompose for several years. When plastics are burnt, toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere causing pollution.

How can this problem be solved?

  1. Never throw plastic bags or other plastic articles into water bodies, drains or on roads.

  2. Carry cotton or jute bags for shopping.

  3. Buy products with less plastic packaging.

  4. Recycling and reuse of plastics should be encouraging.

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