Test Paper for Linear equations

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Question 1
Solve each of the following equations
(a) $\frac {x+1}{4} = \frac {x-2}{2}$
(b) $1 -(p - 2) - [(p - 3) - (p - 1)] = 0$
(c) $7x - 7 = 21 -5x$
(d) $-7x = 84 +x$
(e)$0.25 (4m - 5) = 0.75m + 8$
(f) $3(x - 4) = 21$
(g)$\frac {3x}{2} - \frac {x}{3} = 8$
(h) $ \frac {y}{2} -\frac {1}{4}(y- \frac {1}{3}) = \frac {1}{6} (y+1) + \frac {1}{12}$
(i) 3(2z - 3) = 12(2z + 4)

Question 2
The sum of three consecutive odd natural numbers is 69. Find the prime number out of these numbers

Question 3:
A positive number is 5 times another number. If 21 is added to both the numbers, then one of the new numbers become twice of another new numbers. Find the original numbers.

Question 4
The shifting of a number from one side of an equation to other is called
(a) Transposition
(b) Distributivity
(c) Commutativity
(d) Associativity

Question 5
Crossword Puzzle

1. Shifting of variable or constant from one side to another side
5. A statement formed when an equal sign in placed between two expressions.
7. The value of x for 2x -4=10
2. The values for which the equation LHS equals RHS
3. If a term of an expression consists of a number multiplied by one or more variables, this number is the __________________ of the term
4. highest power of the variable in linear equation
6. Branch of mathematics concerned with operation by symbolic numbers

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