This page is about Mechanics for students of undergraduate level (B.Sc. First year mechanics) of various Indian universities. If you want the notes of topics covered under each chapter then please follow along chapter links.

Mechanics for B.Sc./JAM exams

Physical fundamentals of mechanics

  1. Introduction to mechanics
  2. The position of a particle
  3. Frame of reference and Rectangular Cartesian coordinate system
  4. Coordinate transformation : translation, inclined and rotation
  5. Spherical Polar co-ordinates
  6. Newton’s laws of motion and applications
  7. Galilean transformations

Dynamics of System of Particles

  1. Two particle system and reduced mass

Extra topics
External and internal forces (Dynamics of the system of particles)

Motion Under Central forces

  1. Introduction
  2. Equation of motion under central forces
  3. Law of conservation of angular momentum
  4. Law of conservation of energy
  5. Equation of motion (equation of path of moving particle)
  6. Form of motion under the effect of central forces