bsc physics download PDFs (also for GATE/ JAM / B.Sc(hons) Physics)

This page contains bsc physics download material. This material is also applicable for those pursuing for GATE Physics, JAM and B.Sc(hons) in Physics. These are only few files I’ll be adding more and more with time. Meanwhile you can look for the notes provided in our website.


Name Description Status
Physics Pocket Diary It contained quick summary for all the chapters in class 11/12 Download
Moment of Inertia Formula sheet It contained the Moment of Inertia formula for all basic structures Download
Maths Short Notes-1 Download
Maths Short Notes-2 Download
Vector Algebra Short Notes Download
Complex Algebra Short Notes Download
Fourier Series Revision notes Download
scalar and vector fields Full explaination Download
Complex analysics -I Revision notes Download
Complex analysics -II Revision notes Download
vector differentiation Revision notes Download