Mechanics Berkeley physics course volume 1 Review

This book review is about the book “Mechanics Berkeley physics course volume 1”

The Berkeley Physics Course is a series of physics textbooks written mostly by UC Berkeley professors. The series consists of the following five volumes, each of which was originally used over the course of one semester at Berkeley:

1. Mechanics by Charles Kittel, et al.[1]
2. Electricity and Magnetism by Edward M. Purcell
3. Waves by Frank S. Crawford, Jr.
4. Quantum physics by Eyvind H. Wichmann
5. Statistical Physics by Frederick Reif


You can find this book  in your college and university library. I had always had them there and have this book issued permanently throughout the course. This is a book meant for college students (B.Sc. level) and engineering students. This book is for students who have basic knowledge of physics and are comfortable with high school level physics. As can be seen from the preface

The intention of the writer has been to present elementary physics as far as possible in a way in which it is used by physicists working on the forefront of their fields.

Now this book is available in SI units earlier when I read this book in my B.Sc. and M.Sc. it was only available in cgs units which was really inconvenient as in India we are used to using SI units and this becomes further more inconvenient when you study electricity and magnetism.
Apart from this inconvenience this book was a good read and text was really helpful in clearing the doubts.
Now that this book is available in SI units you probably would not have to relate between cgs and si units when yu study the text.
For your convenience I am embedding the preview of this book (Mechanics Berkeley physics course volume 1) as seen in google books.

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Should you buy this book or not?

If you ask me that whether I have this book or not?
The answer is that I have this book in the cgs format and I bought it really cheap from some second hand book selling vendor. But I have lots of physics books of different levels as I happen to write about physics notes and study material in this website. It is really good book for reference if you are doing your B.Sc. in Physics.

In my opinion look for this book in your library make noted by consulting the text given in the book. If you only want to study physics undergraduate level (B.Sc.) then you need not buy the book. But if you are serious about making a career in physics then you can consider purchasing this book as unlike other mechanics books available in market this book is error free and really give good insight of the subject. In fact during my B.Sc time I had to read the mechanics books which contains all the syllabus of the course and was written by local authors (no offence intended as I have some very good local authors books in my collection I’ll review them later) . These books cover most of the syllabus but sometimes happen to be very confusing and concepts seems to end abruptly.
So yes you should consult good books while studying the subjects for clearing your concepts and getting good marks.

If you want to buy these books you can follow any of these links

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