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Matter Waves

Matter Waves

This article is about matter waves and it contain brief introduction of the topic followed by few questions. Photoelectric effect and Compton scattering are evidences of the corpuscular nature of light. Interference , diffraction and polarisation reveal the wave nature of light. Louis de Brogli was the first one to suggest that matter may have wave like properties. He proposed that if light (which consists … Continue reading Matter Waves »

Particle Properties of waves (Revision Notes)

Particle Properties of waves

This article is about the revision of Particle properties of wave. I’ll be doing detailed articles on each one of the sub-topics given in this article. Classical Mechanics do not put any restriction on values of a dynamical property of a particle, so small and large both values are permitted. Principle of superposition:- When two or more waves of the same nature travel past the … Continue reading Particle Properties of waves (Revision Notes) »