Heat Transfer Solved examples

Question :
The surface of a body has a emissivity of .55 and area of 1.5 m2
Find out the following
a. What rate of heat is radiated from the body if the temperature is 50°C
b. At what rate is radiation absorbed by the radiater when the surrounding temperature is 22°C
c What is the net rate of radiation from the body
Given σ=5.67 *10-8

a) Rate of radiation radiated=eσATb4=(.55)(5.67 *10-8)(1.5)(323)4=509W
b) Rate of radiation absorbed=eσATs4=(.55)(5.67 *10-8)(1.5)(295)4=354W
c)Net =Rate of radiation radiated-Rate of radiation absorbed=155 W

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