Test Series-19


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1.Which of the following does not have unit as Joule?
  • Workdone
  • Kinetic energy
  • Potential energy
  • Heat
  • Force

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A truck driver pushes the acceleration peddle and increase it speed from v to 2v on the level Road. The mass of the Truck is M.
2) The potential energy of the truck?
  • does not change
  • PE of the truck becomes four times of the initial Potential energy
  • None of these

3. What is the Final KE of the truck
  • 4Mv2
  • Mv2
  • .5Mv2
  • 2Mv2

4.Workdone by the acceleration peddle ?
  • 1.5Mv2
  • Mv2
  • .5Mv2
  • 2Mv2

5.Two bodies X and Y have same momentum. Mass of X is greater then mass of Y. Which of the two bodies will have higher kinetic energy?
  • X
  • Y
  • Both will have same KE

6. A force of 50N on a body causes a displacement 20 m in the direction of the force.What is the workdone by the force?
  • 100J
  • 1000J
  • 2.5J
  • None of these

7. An object is falling freely from the height H.After it has fallen a height 3H/4,it will possess?
  • more potential and less kinetic energy
  • less potential and high kinetic energy
  • same potential and kinetic energy
  • only kinetic energy

8. A pump takes 20 sec to lift 100 kg of water to the water tank situated at the height 10 m. What is the power of the pump? Given g=10m/s-2
  • 2 Kilowatt
  • 1 kilowatt
  • 1.5 kilowatt
  • .5 kilowatt

9.Find the momentum of the body of mass 10 kg having a kinetic energy 20J?
  • 10 kgm/s
  • 20 kgm/s
  • 1.44 kgm/s
  • None of these

10.Which of the following is false?
  • A running car possess Kinetic energy
  • A compressed spring possess elastic potential energy
  • A stone kept on the roof top posses gravitational potential energy
  • None of these

11. which of these is not a vector quantity?
  • Potential energy
  • Momentum
  • Force
  • Velocity

12. A man of 50 kg jumps up to a height of 1.2 m. What is his potential energy at the highest point?
  • 50J
  • 60J
  • 500J
  • 600J

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