Four Language Skills

We have already discussed about Language across the curriculum approach and from there we know about the importance of language in learning and teaching. In this article, we will learn about four language skills, their concept, and their importance. Concept of language skills There are four skills of language  listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listening …

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Process of learning in education

This article is about the Process of learning in education. We are already familiar with the1. Concept and meaning of learning2. Characteristics of learning and its importance3. Types of learning We also have a dedicated page for B.Ed. notes for subject Teaching and learning. You might want to visit the page to get notes on additional topics.Learning of any …

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Types of Learning

This article is about the types of learning. We already have articles on following learning related topics 1. Concept and meaning of learning 2. Characteristics of learning and its importance Let us now learn about the types of learning in education. Meanwhile, you can also look at this article on different learning styles. Students learn …

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