Knowledge and curriculum

In this page find the list of articles that are written and comes under the subject Knowledge and curriculum. Knowledge and curriculum is a subject taught in B.Ed. or other teacher training programs. In this paper, you would study two concepts or you have two parts to study namely knowledge and Curriculum. Both parts Knowledge and Curriculum are very wide in their own accord. Both of them are very important and a pupil teacher studying education as a discipline must have in-depth knowledge of these topics.

Some of the articles that are written under the tag of Knowledge and curriculum are

  1. Knowledge: meaning, types, and sources
  2. Search methods Methods of acquiring knowledge :- This article covers how knowledge can be acquired. There are various methods for acquiring knowledge. I have also provided links to few articles where you can learn about the topic from a point of view different to that given in the article.
  3. Curriculum development need and importance
  4. Principles of curriculum development (or construction)
  5. Bases of curriculum
  6. Learner centered approach for curriculum development
  7. The Critical approach to curriculum