Newtonian Mechanics

What is mechanics in physics?

So, what is mechanics? Mechanics we can say is an exact science. Again the question is what do I mean by an exact science. When we say that the physics or any branch of it is an exact science by this we mean that , its laws are expressed in the from of mathematical equations which describe and predict the results of precise quantitative measurements.

Galilean transformations

[latexpage]Motion is a relative concept. You are sitting on a train. An object on trains seems to be at rest from your perspective but it is in motion from the person standing on the ground. So it is tied to a particular frame of reference chosen by observer.Now Different observer may use the different frame …

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Spherical coordinates system (Spherical polar coordinates)

This article is about Spherical Polar co-ordinates and is aimed for First year physics students and also for those appearing for exams like JAM/GATE etc.
The spherical polar coordinates represent the coordinates of points on the surface of a sphere in a co-variant form. The coordinates of the point P in this system is represented by the radial vector r which is the distance from the origin to the point, the polar or