Teaching and learning

This page contains links to teaching and learning notes I have published in this website. Teaching and learning is a paper in the B.Ed. course. In this course, we mainly learn about teaching, how learners learn, how teaching & learning are different from each other. We also learn about various methods and strategies of teaching. Below are the links I hope you might find useful for your exams and studies.

  1. Teaching definition: Learning And Teaching
  2. Models of teaching
  3. Strategies of teaching
  4. Lecture method as teaching strategy
  5. Demonstration method as teaching strategy
  6. Brainstorming as Teaching Strategy
  7. Simulation as Teaching Strategy
  8. models of teaching
  9. Inquiry Training Model
  10. Glaser’s Basic teaching model
  11. Levels of teaching: memory, understanding and reflective This article gives an overview of Levels of teaching and tells about three different levels of teachings (memory, understanding and reflective) in short along with their merits and demerits.
    • Memory Level of teaching This article only deals with memory Level of teaching, its nature, suggestions for it, its Psychological Bases, nature of motivation, evaluation etc.