Teaching and learning

This page contains links to teaching and learning notes I have published on this website. Teaching and learning is a paper in the B.Ed. course. In this course, we mainly learn about teaching, how learners learn, how teaching & learning are different from each other. We also learn about various methods and strategies of teaching. Below are the links I hope you might find useful for your exams and studies.

  1. Teaching definition: This article talks about the definition of teaching.  In this article also learn about the difference between teaching, indoctrination, instruction, and training.
  2. Information vs. Knowledge – Learn about the difference between the concept of knowledge and information.
  3. Phases Of Teaching : Teaching is a complex task. We need systematic planning to perform this task. Teaching has to be done in steps. The different steps constituting the process are called the phases of teaching. In this article learn about various phases of teaching like pre-active, interactive, and post-active phases.
  4. Levels of teaching: memory, understanding and reflective This article gives an overview of Levels of teaching and tells about three different levels of teachings (memory, understanding and reflective) in short along with their merits and demerits.
    • Memory Level of teaching This article only deals with memory Level of teaching, its nature, suggestions for it, its Psychological Bases, nature of motivation, evaluation, etc.
    • Understanding level of teaching: The teaching at the understanding level is of higher quality than the one at memory level teaching. It is more useful and thoughtful. Understanding level of teaching explains pupils about the relationship between principles and facts. It also lets students know where these principles are applicable.
  5. Difference between Teaching and training
  6. Models of teaching
  7. Strategies of teaching
  8. Different learning styles : This article includes an overview of learning styles and 4 learning styles types.
  9. Educational evaluation : In this article learn about the definition, meaning, the purpose of educational evaluation. Educational evaluation and its report tell how well both teacher and learner performed in terms of achieving objectives of teaching and learning.
  10. Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation
  11. Meaning of Learning In this article, you can learn about the concept of learning, the meaning of learning and the definition of learning in education.
  12. Characteristics of learning In this article learn about nature and characteristics of learning. Also, learn about the importance of learning in education
  13. Types Of Learning
  14. Teaching Theory In this article learn about what is a theory of teaching? Differentiate between teaching and learning theory. Get a gist about the types of teaching theories

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