Demonstration method as teaching strategy : B.Ed. Notes

This article is about Demonstration method as teaching strategy and is for B.Ed. students. This is a very important topic from exam point of view. I have tried to give notes in easy to follow language. Hope they help you. You must also know about Lecture method as teaching strategy.

The word demonstration means to give demos or to perform the particular activity or concept. In demonstration method, the teaching-learning process is carried in a systematic way. Demonstration often occurs when students have a hard time connecting theories to actual practice or when students are unable to understand applications of theories. In order to make a success of demonstration method, three things are necessary.

(a) The object being displayed during demonstration should not be so small.

(b) During the demonstration, the clear language should be used so that pupils may understand concept easily.

(c) The pupils should be able to question teachers in order to remove their difficulties.

Characteristic of demonstration method

(1) The demonstration should be done in a simple way.

(2) In this strategy, attention is paid to all students.

(3) Goals and objections of demonstration are very clear.

(4) It is a well-planned strategy.

(5) Time is given for rehearsal before the demonstration.

Steps of Demonstration method

There are six steps of demonstration process.

(1) Planning and preparation

proper planning is required for good demonstration. For this following points should be kept in mind.

  • Through the preparation of subject matter.
  • lesson planning
  • collection of material related to the demonstration.
  • rehearsal of demonstration.

In order to ensure the success of demonstration, the teacher should prepare lesson minutely and very seriously.

(2) Introducing the lesson

The teacher should motivate students and prepare them mentally for the demonstration.

The teacher should introduce the lesson to students keeping in mind the following things.

  • individual differences
  • Environment
  • Experiences

The lesson can also be started with some simple and interesting experiments. Very common event or some internal story.

The experiment should be able to hold the attention of students.

(3) Presentation of subject matter

– In demonstration presentation of subject matter is very important.

– The principle of reflecting thinking should be kept in mind.

– The teacher should teach the student in such a way that their previous knowledge can be attached to their new knowledge.

(4) Demonstration

-The performance in the demonstration table should be ideal for the student.

-The demonstration should be neat and clean.

(5) Teaching Aids

-The teacher can use various teaching aids like models, blackboard, graphs etc.during demonstration.

(6) Evaluation

-In this last step, evaluation of the whole demonstration should be done, so that it can be made more effective.

Merits of demonstration method

(1) It helps a student in having a deeper understanding of the topic.

(2) It helps students remain active in teaching -learning process.

(3) It leads to permanent learning.

(4) It accounts for the principles of reflective thinking.

(5) It helps to create interest for topics among students.

(6) It helps in arousing the spirit of discovery among students.

(7) It imparts maximum learning to students.


(1) Students can not benefit with direct and personal experiences as teacher carry out the demonstration.

(2) It can be costly as it requires costly materials.

(3) It can be a time-consuming method.

(4) It is not based on learning by doing.

(5) This method does not provide training for the scientific method.

(6) There is a lack of experienced teachers to carry out the demonstration.


It is the most suitable method for teaching the secondary classes. If a teacher feels that the demonstration is taking much time than he would have to take the help of students. Similarly, a small group of students can be invited to the demonstration table. Students can also demonstrate the experiment.  This might help in removing objection regarding non-availability of learning by doing approach.

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2 years ago

how does the use of demonstration teaching strategy helps a teacher to teach in ways that are consistent with caps aims and objectives

Yusuf Ibrahim
Yusuf Ibrahim
2 years ago

As a fresh primary school teacher you are strocted to teach English languege to the pupils of primary one (1) on going through the sytables , you understand from fundmental activities of writing. On your first day in the class you discover that the population is about (200) how will you be able to archieve the objective of your lesson plan.

Itoro Dan
Itoro Dan
1 year ago

What is discussion met

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