Lecture method as teaching strategy : B.Ed. Notes

This article is about Lecture method as teaching strategy and is for B.Ed. students. This is a very important topic from exam point of view. I have tried to give notes in easy to follow language. Hope they help you.
Lecture method

Lecture method as teaching strategy

Lecture method is most convenient and inexpensive method of teaching any subject. It hardly requires the use of scientific apparatus, experiment, and aids materials except for the black board. Lecture method is teacher controlled and information centered approach in which teacher works as a role resource in classroom instruction. In this method, the only teacher does the talking and the student is passive listens. This creates dullness in the classrooms as the interaction between the pupil and teacher ceases to occur.

In the field of education, lecture method is used very frequently. This method is used in order to acquire knowledge and concept. Lecture method mainly focuses on cognitive objectives. The main emphasis of this strategy is the presentation of the content. In this method teachers plans and controls the whole teaching – learning process. To make the lecture interesting, the teacher can take the help of audio -visual aids.

Principles of lecture method

(1) A student can learn better through listening.

(2) Through lecture method, the teacher makes an attempt to impart perfect and complete knowledge of the subject or the topic students.

(3) Subject matter can be correlated with other subjects.

(4) New knowledge is given related to previous knowledge.

When to use lecture method

(1) It is used to give an overview of a large unit.

(2) This method is an effective way for motivating pupils and developing their interest in the subject.

(3) It is used for supplementing the pupils reading and for clarifying main concepts.

(4) This method helps to save the time of students by providing important information in short time period.

(5) This method is used to provide background.

Steps of the lecture method

(1) Preparation for the lecture:-

This includes silent points like

(a) appropriate language and manner of presentation according to the nature of students.

(b) selection of audio-visual aids and instructional materials.

(c) planning the motivational technique

(d) anticipating certain difficulties and problem during the lecture.

(e) finding suitable solution and alternatives to these barriers to a successful lecture.

(2) Introduction to the lecture:-

It should be done briefly and if it is executed poorly, it can initially kill off the enthusiasm of the student.

(3) Giving the body of the lecture:-

The teacher should have a given cognitive framework upon which he relies to achieve a more logical presentation.

(4) Conclusion of the lecture:-

Following technique can be used to wrap up the lecture.

(a) summarizing the major points presented.

(b) forming generalization

(c) giving implications.

Advantage of lecture method

(1) It is economical with regard to time.

(2) It helps in developing the habit of concentration among the students.

(3) It helps in achieving even high order cognitive objectives ( i.e ) application, analysis, synthesis.

(4) Lecture method presents the subject matter in a systematic way.

(5) It develops good audience habits.

(6) Through this method, new subject matter can easily be introduced.

(7) It enables linkage between previous knowledge with a new one.

Disadvantages of lecture method

(1) Since this is a teacher-centered method so it provides very little scope for student activity.

(2) Student plays a passive role in this method.

(3) Individual differences are not taken into consideration.

(4) It can not be used for achieving psycho motor objectives.

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