CRSU-MDU B.Ed.(first year) paper 2017

This page is about CRSU B.Ed.(I'st year) previous year paper 2017. I have papers for all three compulsory papers
Paper 1 : Childhood and growing up
Paper 2 : Contemporary India and Education
Paper 3 : Learning and teaching
and optional papers
Optional 1 : Pedagogy of Mathematics
Optional 2 : Pedagogy of physical science
I'll be adding notes for various important B.Ed. topics.

Childhood and growing up

Question 1 Write short notes on the following

  1. What do you mean by maturetion?
  2. Concept of individual differences.
  3. What are different factors affecting learning?
  4. Peer influence

Unit I

Question 1 How parenting styles influence developmental aspects of childhood and adolescence. Discuss in detail.


Question 2 What do you mean by media? How it affects growing children and adolsent?

Unit II

Question 4 What are different techniques of gathering data from children? Explain anecdotal records and interview techniques in detail?


Question 5 What are the factors influencing individual differences? Discuss educational implications of individual differences.

Unit III

Question 6 What is the relevance of different learning theories in different situations? Explain .


Question 7 What do you mean by learning? Explain trial and error theoty of Throndike in detail.

Unit IV

Question 8 Waht do you mean by schooling? Explain school culture, relationship with teachers and school achievements of students.


Question 9 Discuss impact of urbanization and economic change on consruction and experiences of students in childhood stage. 

Contemporary India and Education

Question 1 Write short notes on following (4 marks each = 16 marks)

  1. Concurrent status of education
  2. Aims and education according to Indian Education Commission (1964-66)
  3. Three language formula
  4. Democracy and education

Unit I

Question 2 What are the educational provisions given in the constitution of India.    (16)

Question 3 Explain the role of Education in the empowerment of deprived sections of society.    (16)

Unit II

Question 4 Describe the prominent characteristics of education during the colonial rule.    (16)

Question 5 What are the salient features of National Policy of Education 1986? Explain.    (16)

Unit III

Question 6 What do you mean by modernization? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages in the field of education.   (16)

Question 7 What do you mean by District Primary Education Programme (DPEP)? Discuss its main characteristics.   (16)

Unit IV

Question 8 Explain the impact of new economic reform on Education.    (16)

Question 9 Explain the following    (8+8)

a) Education for technological empowerment

b) Reservation as egalitarian policy

Learning and Teaching

Learning and teaching B.Ed. Notes

Question 1 Write the short notes on the following

  1. What do you mean by reflective level of teaching?
  2. What do you mean by team teaching?
  3. Concept of e-learning
  4. continous and comprehensive evaluation

Unit I

Qustion 2 Explain the concept of teaching. How teaching is different from training, instruction and indoctrination? Discuss.

Question 3 What is meant by levels of teaching? Discuss the essential features of levels of teaching.

Unit II

Question 4 What is meant by teaching model? Descibe Mastry Learning Model.

Question 5 What do you mean by Brain Storming? Discuss the main steps used in effective organization of brain storming.

Unit III

Question 6 Describe concept , importance and types of learning

Question 7 Explain the following

(a) Constructavism and its implications

(b) Learning styles and their types

Unit IV

Question 8 Describe the concept, need and characterstics of evaluation.

Question 9 Distinguish between formative and summative evaluation along with their merits and demerits in evaluating teaching learning process.

Pedagogy of physical science

Question 1 Write short notes on the following

  1. Importance of physical science at secondary school level
  2. Steps of pedagogical analysis
  3. components of skill of introduction
  4. Type of evaluation

Unit I

Question 2 Discuss the Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives.           (16)

Question 3 Write general aims and objectives of teaching physical science at secondary school level.      (16)

Unit II

Question 4 Define micro teaching? Discuss “skill of stimulus variation ” by taking suitable example.      (16)

Question 5 What do you mean by problem solving method? Explain the steps with the help of example. Describe its merits and demerits.     (16)

Unit III

Question 6 Write the pedagogical analysis of following topic     (16)

(i) transmission of heat

(ii) environment and pollution

Unit IV

Question 7  Difference between measurement and evaluation. Explain the attributes of a good test.     (16)

Question 8 Explain the procedure of construction of an objective type Achievement Test.    (16)

Pedagogy of mathematics

Question 1 Write short notes on any four of the following

  1. Nature of mathematics
  2. Content analysis
  3. Importance of mathematics laboratory
  4. Types of in-service programmes for mathemaics teacher
  5. Continous comprehensive evaluation
  6. Mathematics Fairs

Unit I

Question 2 Describe in detail the history of mathematics with special emphesis on teaching of mathematics.

Question 3 What do you understand by Taxonomy of Instructional objectives? Discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy of Instructional Objectives in content of psychomotor domain of behaviour?

Unit II

Question 4 Explain Analytic-Synthetic method of teaching Mathematics in Detail by giving suitable examples.

Question 5  Write pedagogical analysis of anyone of the following:

(a) Volume

(b) Ratio and proportion

Unit III

Question 6 What is mathematics club? Discuss the importance of various recreational activities organized by mathematics club in the school.

Question 7 Write short notes on following

(a) set-induction skill

(b) skill of reinforcement

Unit IV

Question 8 What do you mean by continous comprehensive evaluation? Also differentiate between Criterion Referenced and Norm Referenced Tests.

Qustion 9 Write the short notes on the following

(a) Role of Mathematics teachers associations in professional growth

(b) Resource material in mathematics education

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