Classical Mechanics

Brachistochrone Problem

Question If a particle falls from rest under the influence of gravity from higher to lower point in the minimum time, what is the curve that the particle will follow? Solution Suppose v is the speed of the particle along the curve, then in traversing ds portion of the curve time spent would be

Lorentz Transformation

Derivation of Lorentz transformation equations using orthogonal transformations Let us consider two uniformly moving frames of reference where origins coincides at $t=0$. let the source of light is fixed at unprimed frame of reference and emits a pulse of light. The observer fixed in the unprimed frame of reference will observe a spherical wave-front propagating …

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constraints in physics (classical mechanics) with examples

This article is about Degree of freedom and constraints in classical mechanics. You can use this article for studying B.Sc, JAM , GATE and CSIR-NET Physics. Definition: – The minimum number of independent variables or co-ordinates required for specifying the position of a dynamical system consisting of one or more particle is called Degree of freedom.