Mastery learning model

Mastery learning is an approach to organizing instructions.T his approach was formulated by John B. Carroll and B.S.Bloom. Mastery learning helps in attaining a satisfactory level of performance in school subjects. It belongs to the behavioral systems family of models as classified by Joyce and Weil. Mastery learning provides a compact and interesting way to increase the likelihood that more students will attain a satisfactory … Continue reading Mastery learning model »

Understanding level of teaching

The teaching at the understanding level is of higher quality than the one at memory level teaching. It is more useful and thoughtful. Understanding level of teaching explain pupils about the relationship between principles and facts. It also lets students know where these principles are applicable. For this level of teaching, it is must to get memory level teaching barrier crossed. Get B.Ed. notes for … Continue reading Understanding level of teaching »

Phases of teaching

Sample Question: Define teaching what are different phases of teaching? Please follow this link for knowing about Teaching Definition. This page has learning and teaching notes for B.Ed. students. Different phases of teaching:- Teaching is a complex task. We need systematic planning to perform this task. Teaching has to be done in steps. The different steps constituting the process are called the phases of teaching. Each … Continue reading Phases of teaching »

Methods of acquiring knowledge

From this article Knowledge: meaning, types and sources ,  we already have an idea what is knowledge? In this article we’ll learn about Methods of acquiring knowledge or we can say different ways of knowing knowledge. Philosophers and educationists have bought out specific methods of acquiring knowledge. Thus there are different ways of knowing knowledge. Before going any further let us have a brief recap … Continue reading Methods of acquiring knowledge »

CRSU – MDU B.Ed.(Second year) paper 2017

This article is about CRSU – MDU B.Ed.(Second year) paper 2017. I’ll be adding notes to thiese topics in separate articles. Knowledge and Curriculum (Paper-1) Knowledge and curriculum B.Ed. Notes Write short note on the following : 4 X 4 = 16 (a) The concept of Knowledge (b) Main features of naturalism. (c) Bases of the curriculum. (d) Factor affecting curriculum change. Unit-I 2. What is … Continue reading CRSU – MDU B.Ed.(Second year) paper 2017 »

Memory Level of teaching : Learning and Teaching B.Ed. Notes

We have already discussed memory level of teaching in the article Levels of teaching. Teaching and learning at memory level are committing factual material to the memory. The learner learns the material, retain the meaningful material and reproduce the material as and when required. For all the notes on subject teaching and Learning for B.Ed. please visit link given below:- teaching and learning Objectives of … Continue reading Memory Level of teaching : Learning and Teaching B.Ed. Notes »