Concurrent Status Of Education

This article is about ‘Concurrent Status Of Education’ in India. It answers the question ‘education comes under which list in India’. Education comes under a concurrent list and is a subject of concern for both State and central governments. For B.Ed. students this topic concurrent status and education is studied under the subject Contemporary India …

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Information vs. Knowledge

Introduction This article is about the difference between information and knowledge. We will first explore about the meaning of both information and knowledge. After that we will look at the difference or distinction between information and knowledge. People sometimes tend to use the words information and knowledge interchangeably, without understanding the fact that information and …

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Brachistochrone Problem

Question If a particle falls from rest under the influence of gravity from higher to lower point in the minimum time, what is the curve that the particle will follow? Solution Suppose v is the speed of the particle along the curve, then in traversing ds portion of the curve time spent would be