Evaluation in education

Concept and Meaning of Test Evaluation and Measurement Test:- in the class –room situation, the word ‘test’ means to judge the knowledge understanding and intelligence of the students. Test can be held in short After the completing the chapter a teacher can take test of his students to know about their grasping power. Thus test can be informal. Measurement:-Measurement is a limited term and has … Continue reading Evaluation in education »

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degrees of freedom mechanics with examples

Degree of freedom Definition: – The minimum number of independent variables or coordinates required for specifying the position of a dynamical system consisting of one or more particle is called Degree of freedom. For the $N$ number of particles moving freely in $d$ dimensional space degrees of freedom is represented by the following equation. $f=Nd$ Where $N$ is the number of particles and $d$ denote … Continue reading degrees of freedom mechanics with examples »

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Kepler’s Law of Planetary motion (Central Forces)

Motion Under Central forces (series List) Introduction Equation of motion under central forces Law of conservation of angular momentum Law of conservation of energy Equation of motion (equation of path of moving particle) Form of motion under the effect of central forces Kepler’s Law of Planetary motion This article is about Kepler’s Law of Planetary motion. This article is for B.Sc. physics first year students … Continue reading Kepler’s Law of Planetary motion (Central Forces) »

Fourier series notes

Fourier series is an expansion of a periodic function of period $2\pi$ which is representation of a function in a series of sine or cosine such as $f(x)=a_{0}+\sum_{n=1}^{\infty }a_{n}cos(nx)+\sum_{n=1}^{\infty }b_{n}sin(nx)$ where $a_{0} $, $a_{n}$ and $b_{n}$ are constants and are known as Fourier coefficients. In applying Fourier theorem for analysis of a complex periodic function, given function must satisfy the following condition (i) It should be single valued (ii) It should be continuous. Drichlet’s Conditions … Continue reading Fourier series notes »