Difference Between Teaching and Training

Teaching vs. Training

People sometimes use terms teaching and training interchangeably and they think them to be the same thing. However, both of them are different, and in fact, they have many differences. So, this article is about explaining how training is different from teaching.

I have written a separate article on the concept of teaching, its definition, characteristics, and nature. If you are interested in more such topics then feel free to visit our page on teaching and learning.

If we look at our Indian education system then we will find that our education system is focused on teaching instead of training. Focusing more on training would result in

  • confident and competent students
  • increased employability

Hence, right blend of teaching and training is what we should try to incorporate in our education system for bright future of our learners.

Teaching vs. Training

1theoretically orientedpractical orient
2provides new knowledge and wisdomhelps already knowledgeable people to learn tools,
techniques and their applications
3continues for long period of timetakes place for a few days or months
4for broad areasfor specific areas
5not rigid rigid and systematic
6usually refers to classroom learningrefers to workshops, seminars, role-plays, simulations, etc.
7not a time bound processtime-bound process
Table showing Difference Between Teaching and Training

Points of difference between teaching and training


  • Teaching is mostly theoretically oriented
  • Teaching fills the mind.
  • Teaching provides new knowledge to the people
  • Teaching continues for a long time.
  • Teaching is a broader area.
  • Teaching does not follow a very rigid approach
  • Teaching usually refers to classroom learning
  • The teacher provides information, knowledge, and experiences during the teaching and learning process.
  • Teaching gives limited knowledge covering extensive domains or areas of knowledge.


  • Training is practical orient
  • training shapes habits.
  • Training helps already knowledgeable people to learn tools and techniques to apply them.
  • Training is for a few days or a few months.
  • Training is for specific areas.
  • The training follows a rigid and systematic approach
  • Training refers to workshops, seminars, role-plays, simulations, etc.
  • Trainer facilitates learning during the training process.
  • Training gives intensive information about a given domain.

From the above-mentioned points, we can clearly see that both teaching and training are different from each other.
Training is a specific program of skill development. It is a planned and systematic sequence of instruction under a competent trainer. It is a time-bound process. It equips the trainee with mindset and skill set.
Teaching, on the other hand, is not as specific as training. Its scope is broad and it often takes years to impart knowledge to learners through the teaching and learning process.

Know more about the meaning of learning in education along with characteristics and importance of learning.

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