Meaning of Learning in education with its concept & definition

Meaning of Learning in education

with the definition and concept of learning

Why is it important to know about the Meaning of learning in education? It is important for a teacher to know about learning, its concept and meaning because teaching is not complete without learning. Both teaching and learning complement each other. A teacher must know about how learners learn and this is the reason teacher gain knowledge about concept and meaning of learning in education.

In our previous articles, we have already written about what is teaching and if you want to know more about phases, models, levels, and strategies of teaching then please visit our Teaching and Learning page. There you will find notes related to both learning and teaching.

Meaning of Learning


Concept of Learning

Concept of learning is of huge importance in human behavior. Human being goes on learning from birth till death. Albert Einstein in one of his quotes said that

Once you stop learning you start dying

Learning is a natural phenomenon which is natural to all organisms including both humans and animals. Learning affects a child’s development. A child learns new habits only through the process of learning and through imitated traditions and customs. Intellectual skills are also developed through learning. The decision of right and wrong, the concepts of justice and aesthetic sense, etc. develop through learning. This process of learning continues throughout life. Learning is the basis of maturation. Learning affects our,

  • Language
  • Customs and traditions
  • Attitudes and beliefs
  • personalities
  • goals

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that learning affects all aspects of our life. Learning is a key concept of Psychology. Learning phenomenon is very important for the development of human beings. Various psychologists have explained learning from a different point of views. According to behaviorists,

Learning is the modification of behavior as a result of experience. The child brings changes in his behavior after gaining experiences from the environment.

Everything a learner does or thinks is learning. Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior of the learner It even brings changes in the personality traits of the learner.

Meaning of learning and learning definition in education

Various psychologists and educationists have defined the concept and meaning of learning in their own way. Some define as a process, some as a change in performance and some define learning as acquisition and retention of knowledge.
According to Gestalt’s view,
“The basis of learning is to gain knowledge after observing the whole structure. Responding towards the entire situation is learning.”
Kurt Lewin has presented the field view of learning and explained
The learning as the direct cognitive organization of a situation. Motivation has a significant role & place in learning.”
According to Woodworth,
“The process of acquiring new knowledge and new responses is the process of learning.”
G.D. Boaz(1984) observes learning as a process. According to him
“Learning is the process by which the individuals acquires various habits, knowledge, and attitudes that are necessary to meet the demands of life, in general”
According to Cronbach,
“Leaning is shown by a change in behavior as a result of experience.”
Pavlov has said,
Learning is habit formation resulting from conditioning.”
According to Kingsley and Garry,
“Learning is a process by which behavior is originated or change through practice or training.”
In the words of C.E.Skinner,
“Learning is the process of progressive behavior adoption.”

As a result of studying and analysis of the above-mentioned definitions of learning in education, the following facts come to the light :
1. Learning is a modification in behavior.
2. Learning is the organization of behavior.
3. Learning is the confirmation of a new process.

The meaning of learning  explained

1. Learning is a broad term. Learning includes all activities which affect children. Along with the growing process, the mental development of the child occurs. As a result, changes take place in his behavior continuously. The child goes on learning through experiences.
2. From a psychological point of view, learning has been explained as a stimulus-response process. According to the point of view, the establishment of the stimulus-response relationship is known as leaning.
Some other facts also come before us relating to the learning, such as-
(i) Learning is a process through which the behavior of the child changes or modifies.
(ii) Learning is predicted on the basis of changes in behavior.
(iii) These changes can be negative or positive.
(iv) The changes due to learning are permanent.
(v) Changes in the behavior are the results of experiences.
(vi) Leaning can be termed as a mental process.

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