Test Series-20


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1.Which of the following is not a vector quantity?
  • displacement
  • speed
  • velocity
  • accleration
  • None of these

Link Type comphrehension( Q2-Q4)
A person throws a ball upward into the air with initial velocity 15 m/s. The ball goes upto to height H and then goes down back into the hand of person given g=9.8 m/s2
2) What is the value of h?
  • 10 m
  • 11.6m
  • 11.5m
  • 12m

3. What is the time taken to reach the ball into person hand's back?
  • 3.06s
  • 2min
  • 6sec
  • none of these

4.what is the velocity of the ball when it comes back into the hand of person?
  • 10m/s
  • 15m/s
  • 20m/s
  • 0

5.Which one of these is having the least speed?
  • Bicycle moving with 12 km/h
  • A car moving with 1500 m/min
  • A man running with 5m/s
  • A train running with 1km/min

6. A truck traveling at 30 km/h speeds up to 90 km/h in 6 seconds. What is the accleration of the truck?
  • 3.7m/s2
  • 2.7m/s2
  • 2.5m/s2
  • None of these

7. John is driving the car in one direction at the speed of 36km/hr. He look on the side for 3 sec.How far John travel during this inattentive period?
  • 10m
  • 25m
  • 30m
  • 20m

8. A Honda city car is traveling at 54 km/h. If brakes are applied so as to produce uniform retardation of 3m/s2. Calculate the time taken by it to stop.?
  • 5sec
  • 10sec
  • 1sec
  • None of these

9.which one of these is not a equation of motion in uniform acceleration?
  • v=u+at
  • v2=u2+2as
  • s=ut+.5at2
  • None of these

10.The area under velocity -time graph is ?
  • accleration
  • distance
  • displacement
  • None of these

11. if the displacement-time graph is a straight line. Which of these is false?
  • velocity is constant
  • acceleration is zero
  • speed is constant
  • accleration is not zero

12. A truck starts at rest and moves in a straight road with constant accleration 5m/s2 .What is the velocity and displacement after 5 sec?
  • 30m/s,63m
  • 25m/s,62.5 m
  • 20m/s,62.5 m
  • 35m/s,62.5 m

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