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Welcome to this online test page for class 7 Maths MCQ. On this page find links for free maths quiz for class 7 with answers to these MCQs.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has approved a substantial improvement to the examination pattern. It is a required to include MCQ/objective type questions in exams. SO, students should practise and plan each and every chapter covered in the CBSE Class 7 Maths Syllabus.

This will help them to easily solve the MCQs Section in the exam paper. It takes a lot of analytical & logical thought to correctly solve Class 7 Maths objective problems. This can be achieved through our CBSE Board Class 7 Maths Objective Style Questions with answers for all chapters.

These online tests can be helpful for students to check their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

CBSE Class 7 Math Objective Questions (MCQ) Chapterwise

Chapter 1 Integers

Chapter 2 Fractions and Decimals

Chapter 3 Data Handling

Chapter 4 Simple Equation

Chapter 5 Lines and Angle

Chapter 6 Triangle and Its Properties

Chapter 7 Congruence of Triangles

Chapter 8 Comparing Quantities

Chapter 9 Rational Numbers

Chapter 10 Practical Geometry

Chapter 11 Perimeter and Area

Chapter 12 Algebriac Expressions

Chapter 13 Exponents and Power

Chapter 14 Symmetry

Symmetry Class 7 MCQ

Chapter 15 Visualizing Solid shapes


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