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Chapter 1: Electric Charges & Field

Electric Charges & Field
  1. Electric Charge , Basic properties of electric charge and Frictional Electricity
  2. Electrical and electrostatic force
  3. Coulomb's law and coulombs law in vector form
  4. Principle Of Superposition
  5. Electric Field & Calculation of Electric Field
  6. Electric Field Lines
  7. Electric Flux
  8. Electric Dipole and dipole moment
Gauss's Law
  1. Introduction
  2. Electric field due to continuous charge distributions
  3. Gauss's Law
  4. Applications of Gauss's Law
  5. Derivation of Coulomb's Law
  6. Electric field due to line charge
  7. Electric field due to charged solid sphere
  8. Electric field due to an infinite plane sheet of charge
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Electric Charges and Field Questions and answers
  2. Electrostatics Important Questions for Class 12
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Electrostatics Numericals

Chapter 2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Electrostatic Potential
  1. Introduction
  2. Electric potential energy
  3. Electric Potential
  4. Electric potential due to a point charge
  5. Relation between electric fields and electric potential
  6. Equipotential surfaces
  7. Potential due to an electric dipole
  8. Work done in rotating an electric dipole in an electric field
  9. Potential energy of dipole placed in uniform electric field
  1. Introduction
  2. Calculation of capacitance
  3. Parallel plate capacitor
  4. Cylindrical capacitor
  5. Spherical capacitor
  6. Capacitors in series and parallel combinations
  7. Energy stored in a capacitor
  8. Effect of Dielectric
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Electric Potential MCQ
  2. Electric Potential problems
  3. Capacitance MCQ
  4. Capacitance Problems

Chapter 3: Current Electricity

Electric Current and resistance
  1. Introduction
  2. Electric current and Current density
  3. Drift Velocity
  4. Relation between drift velocity and electric current
  5. Ohm's Law and Resistance
  6. Resistivity and conductivity
  7. variation of resistivity with temperature
  8. Current Voltage relations
  9. Colour code of carbon resistors
  10. Combination of Resistors
EMF and Electric Measurement
  1. Introduction
  2. ElectroMotive Force(emf)
  3. Internal Resistance of Battery (or cell)
  4. Electric Energy and Power
  5. Kirchoff's Rules
  6. The junction Rule (or point rule)
  7. The Loop Rule (or Kirchoff's Voltage Law)
  8. Grouping of the cell's
  9. Meter bridge (slide wire bridge)
  10. Potentiometer
  11. Comparison of EMF's of two cells using potentiometer
  12. Determination of internal resistance of the cell
Heating effect of current
  1. Introduction
  2. Heating effect of current
  3. Thermo-electricity
  4. See-beck effect
  5. variation of thermo-emf with temperature
  6. Peltier Effect
  7. Thomson effect
  8. Applications of thermo-electricity or thermo-electric effect
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Electric Current and resistance MCQ
  2. Electric Current and resistance Numericals
  3. Electric Current and resistance Link Comprehension type
  4. EMF and Electric Measurement MCQ
  5. EMF and Electric Measurement Problems
  6. EMF and Electric Measurement Link Comprehension type
Concept Maps
  1. Drift Velocity
  2. Thermal current

Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism

Magnetic Field
  1. Introduction
  2. The Magnetic Field
  3. Lorentz Force
  4. Motion of Charged Particle in The Magnetic Field
  5. Cyclotron
  6. Magnetic force on a current carrying wire
  7. Torque on a current carrying rectangular loop in a magnetic field
Magnetic Effects of current
  1. Introduction
  2. Biot Savart Law
  3. Comparison between Coulomb's laws and Biot Savart laws
  4. Applications of Biot Savart law
  5. Magnetic Field due to steady current in an infinitely long straight wire
  6. Force between two long and parallel current carrying conductor
  7. Magnetic Field along axis of a circular current carrying coil
  8. Magnetic Field at the center of a current carrying arc
  9. Ampere's circuital law
  10. Magnetic field of a solenoid
  11. Magnetic Field of a toriod
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Magnetism & Magnetic effects of current MCQ
  2. Magnetism & Magnetic effects of current Numericals

Chapter 5: Magnetism And Matter

  1. Introduction
  2. Intensity of Magnetization
  3. Magnetic Field strength
  4. Magnetic Susceptibility
  5. Magnetic permeability
  6. Phenomenological classification
  7. Main Effects of external Field
  8. concept of ferromagnetism
  9. Hysteresis

Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction
  1. Introduction
  2. Faraday's experiment
  3. Magnetic Flux
  4. Faradays law of electromagnetic induction
  5. Direction of Induced EMF: Lenz's Law
  6. Explanation of lenz's law
  7. Motional EMF
  8. Induced Electric Fields
  1. Introduction
  2. Self Inductance
  3. Self induction of a long solenoid
  4. Energy in an inductor
  5. Growth and decay of current in L-R circuit
  6. The R-C circuit
  7. The L-C circuit
  8. Mutual Inductance
  9. Mutual Inductance of two co-axial solenoids
  10. Relation between Mutual inductance and self inductance

Chapter 7: Alternating current

  1. Introduction
  2. Alternating current and Alternating EMF
  3. Average or mean current
  4. Root Mean square value of AC
  5. Phasor diagram
  6. A.C through pure resistor
  7. A.C through pure inductor
  8. AC through pure capacitor
  9. Circuit containing inductance and resistance in series
  10. Circuit containing capacitance and resistance in series
  11. LCR series circuit
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Alternating current Important Questions for Class 12
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Alternating current Multiple Choice questions

Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves

CBSE Worksheets
  1. Electromagnetic Waves Important questions

Chapter 10 : Wave Optics

Huyghen's principle and interference of light
  1. Introduction
  2. Wave fronts and rays
  3. Huygens's principle
  4. Reflection of and Refraction of plane waves using Huygens's principle
  5. Principle of Superposition of waves
  6. Interference of light waves
  7. Coherent Sources
  8. Conditions for sustained interference of light waves
  9. Young Double slit experiment
  10. Theory of interference fringes
  11. Displacement of fringes
Diffraction and polarization of light
  1. Introduction
  2. Fraunhofer Diffraction by single slit
  3. Resolving power
  4. Polarization of light
  5. Vibrations in unpolarized and polarized light
  6. Polarization of reflection
  7. polarization by scattering
  8. Diffraction and polarization of light
  9. Law of Malus
  10. Brewster's law
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Wave Optics Important Questions

Chapter 11 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

CBSE Worksheets
  1. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Questions for Class 12

Chapter 12: Atoms

CBSE Worksheets
  1. Atoms Questions for Class 12 Physics

Chapter 13: NUCLEI

Atomic nucleus : An introduction
  1. Discovery of nucleus
  2. Nuclear Composition
  3. Atomic mass
  4. Isobars and Isotones
  5. Size of nucleus
  1. Introduction
  2. Properties of radioactive decay
  3. The alpha rays(particles)
  4. The beta rays(particles)
  5. The Gamma rays
  6. Law of radioactive Decay
  7. Half Life
  8. Mean Life
  9. Unit of activity
  10. Alpha decay
  11. β Decay
  12. γ Decay
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Nuclei Questions and answers

Chapter 14 Semiconductor Electronics :Material,Devices & simple circuit

Bipolar Junction Transistors
  1. Introduction
  2. Action of transistor
  3. Transistor circuit configuration and transistor characteristics
  4. Common emitter transistor configuration
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Semiconductor Questions for Class 12

Chapter 15 Communication systems

CBSE Worksheets
  1. Communication systems Questions for Class 12

CBSE Sample Paper

CBSE Latest Sample Paper(2019-2020)

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