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Chapter 1: Sets

  1. Introduction
  2. Methods of representing a set
  3. Types of sets
  4. Subset
  5. Proper Subset
  6. Subset of set of the real numbers
  7. Interval as subset of R Real Number
  8. Power Set
  9. Universal Set
  10. Venn diagram
  11. Operation on Sets
  12. Cardinality of Sets
  13. Set Theory Symbols
  1. Sets Problems and Solutions
  2. Venn diagrams Worksheet
NCERT Solutions
  1. NCERT Solutions Exercise 1.1
  2. NCERT Solutions Exercise 1.2 and 1.3

Chapter 2: Relations & Functions

  1. Cartesian Products
  2. What is relations?
  3. What is Function
  4. Domain of Function
  5. Range of Function
  6. Identity Function
  7. Constant Function
  8. Linear Function
  9. Modules Function
  10. Greatest Integer Function
  11. Polynomial Function
  12. Algebra of Real Function
Relations and functions Worksheets
NCERT Solutions
  1. NCERT Solutions Exercise 2.1
  2. NCERT Solutions Exercise 2.2
  3. NCERT Solutions Exercise 2.3

Chapter 3: Trigonometry and its function

  • Introduction
  • What is angle
  • Degree and Radian
  • Trigonmetric Ratio's
  • Trignometric functions
  • Domain,Range And Graph of trigonimetric functions
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Trigonometric equations

  • Chapter 4:Mathematical induction

    1. What is Deductive reasoning
    2. What is Inductive reasoning
    3. The Principle of Mathematical Induction
    4. Solved Examples
    1. Important questions
    2. Problems

    Chapter 5: Complex numbers And Quadratic equation

    1. What is complex numbers
    2. Properties Of complex Numbers
    3. Conjugate of Complex Numbers
    4. Modulus of complex numbers
    5. Argand Plane
    6. Polar Representation of the complex number
    7. Rotation of Complex Number
    8. What is the significance of Complex Numbers
    9. Euler's formula and De moivre's theorem
    10. Cube Root of Unity
    11. Flashback of Quadratic equation
    12. Complex Roots of quadratic equations
    NCERT Solutions
    NCERT Solution Exercise 5.1

    Chapter 6: Linear Inequalities

    1. What are inequalities
    2. Things which changes the direction of the inequality
    3. Linear Inequation in One Variable
    4. Linear Inequation in Two Variable
    5. Steps to solve the inequalities in one variable
    6. Steps to solve the inequality of the another form
    7. Quadratic Inequation
    8. Steps to solve Quadratic or polynomial inequalities
    9. Cubic Inequation
    10. Steps to solve Cubic inequalities
    11. Absolute value equation
    12. Absolute value Inequation
    13. Graphical Solution of Linear inequalities in Two Variable
    NCERT Solutions
    NCERT Solution Exercise 6.1

    Chapter 7: Permutation and Combinations

    1. What is factorial
    2. Fundamental Principle of counting
    3. Permutation<
    4. Restricted Permutations
    5. Another Theorem of Permutation
    6. What is combination
    7. Combination Formula
    8. Properties of Combination Formula
    NCERT Solutions
    1. NCERT Solution Exercise 7.1
    2. NCERT Solution Exercise 7.2
    3. NCERT Solution Exercise 7.3

    Chapter 8: Binomial Expansion

    1. Binomial Theorem
    2. Important conclusion from Binomial Theorem
    3. General Term in Binomial Expansion
    4. Middle Term in Binomial Expansion

    Chapter 9: Sequences and Series

    1. Detailed Notes

    Chapter 13: Limits And Derivatives

    NCERT Solutions
    1. NCERT Solution Exercise 13.1

    Chapter 16: Probability

    1. What is Probability
    2. Terms related to Probability
    3. Algebra of events operations<
    4. Classical Probability
    5. How to Solve Probability questions
    6. Addition Theorems on Probability
    7. Solved examples
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