Class 12 Chemistry Online tests

This page contains free online test for class 12 chemistry (opens in new tab). Here in this page find links to CBSE class 12 chemistry chapter-wise MCQ tests. By taking these tests students can get an instant evaluation of their preparation. These tests help students to prepare practice and evaluate their readiness for exams.

Unit 1 The Solid State

Unit 2 Solutions

Unit 3 Electrochemistry
Unit 4 Chemical Kinetics
Unit 5 Surface Chemistry
Unit 6 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
Unit 7 The p- Block elements
Unit 8 The d-and f-Block Elements
Unit Coordination Compounds
Unit 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Unit 11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
Unit 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Unit 13 Amines
Unit 14 Biomolecules
Unit 15 Polymers
Unit 16 Chemistry in Everyday Life