Class 9 math

Simplifying Surd Questions Quiz

A “surd” refers to an expression involving roots, such as square roots, cube roots, and so on, that cannot be simplified into a rational number. Surds are an important concept in mathematics, especially in algebra, geometry, and calculus. They are a form of irrational numbers, which means they cannot be expressed as a simple fraction …

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Lines and angles class 9 MCQ

Practice Lines and angles class 9 MCQ online test. This test checks the understanding of the concepts of Chapter 6 Lines and Angle. I hope this helps in scoring good marks in the Examinations Check out below relevant materials for lines and angles Lines and Angles Class 9 Notes Line and Angles Class 9 Important …

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Class 9 Maths Chapter -3 Coordinate Geometry MCQs

Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry in Class 9 Math Online MCQs with answers are available here. The questions are written in accordance with the CBSE and NCERT curricula. Students can use these objective questions to help them prepare for examinations and get good grades. Students can practice these questions on Coordinate Geometry class 9 MCQ here and train for final tests and score …

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